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WordPress Cloaker
WordPress Cloaker Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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WordPress Cloaker is a powerful yet very simple to use plugin for WordPress that installs in minutes. Once installed, your control panel will allow you to:

Drive lots of targeted traffic to your blog
Redirect those visitors to landing pages, squeeze pages, affiliate web pages or any other pages you choose.
You can even redirect to pages based on the keywords used to find your site via the Search Engines.
PPC Benefits: Automatically create keyword rich, optimized pages. WPC will then redirect PPC clicks to any landing page of your choice. In hours, watch your PPC Costs go way down as your Quality Score goes up!
Used by top PPC Coaches around the Web!

The Skinny on Blog Cloaking with WordPress Cloaker

You can instruct WordPress Cloaker to monitor what keywords people search for to find your site. Your WordPress Cloaker cloaking software will redirect each visitor to a specific page around the web based on your settings. Send people to wherever you feel you will make the most money.

For example, do you sell green widgets through an affiliate offer? Forget about convincing the visitor to click your link. Every time someone searches for “green widgets” WPC will redirect them instantly and invisibly to any page of your choice. This alone can account for increased sales and conversions of 500% or more.
Build 1000′s of Highly SEO’d pages on Auto-Pilot!

You can even completely automate the building of entire blogs with 500 pages or more in mere minutes using popular content generation methods. I will teach you how. In most cases it will take you only 5-10 minutes to do. You will have a 500+ page web site optimized for SEO, targeting any niche you choose. You can get hundreds or even thousands of pages listed in Google.
WordPress Cloaker Features Breakdown…

Simple 5-minute installation
Easy to configure and use
Allows you to redirect site visitors instantly and invisibly to any web page of your choice. You can even redirect visitors based on the keywords they use to find your pages!
Referrer Faking
Target-cloak entire blog categories, independently
IP based redirection — the safest way to cloak
The most extensive Spider IP List available anywhere online, built-in!
Automatic IP update services available, update your IP lists every 4-hours!
Detailed log analysis

[GET] Easy Redirect Script 4.0

Easy Redirect Script 4.0
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Best Cloaking Script Ever?

Do you know why should never use free link cloaker or link redirect tools? Do you know the secret of stealth redirects – the hottest new craze among affiliates?

What about SEO redirects and promo splashes? All this set up in 2 seconds! With link tracking stats and more…

Stealth Redirects

Sometimes you want to promote directly to a sales page – and bypass the vendor’s squeeze page. Now you can.

You can also link directly to a vendor’s order form and much, much more.

Stop Commission Theft!

You could be losing up to 50% of your affiliate commissions if you don’t use the Easy Redirect Script.

See how you’re being victimized by other affiliates and how you can put a stop to it!

Promo Redirects…

Every aspiring top affiliate should be using Promo Redirects at least some of the time. Now you can, and it’s easier than ever!

Warning – Free Cloakers…

The are 4 critical reasons you should never use a free url shortener or link cloaking service.

Best of all I show you undeniable video proof of the hazards and pitfalls associated with these… And what you should do instead.

If you use services like, tinyurl, budurl, etc. then you are in for a rude surprise as an affiliate marketer.

100% Guarantee

This script will work for you. If it doesn’t – contact our support desk and we’ll promptly and quietly return even penny of your purchase back to you. No questions asked.

You can evaluate it for a full 30 days – and be fully protected with our no questions asked money back guarantee.

[GET] Premium URL Shortener

“Premium URL Shortener is a PHP URL shortener script packed with many unique features!
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It has been built from scratch with performance in mind. Some of the features include geotargeting, premium membership, powerful dashboard and admin panel and a series of CMS tools to help you build your dream.

Furthermore, it will keep getting better with each update…!”

[GET] Pretty Link Pro 1.6.7

Pretty Link Pro 1.6.7
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“Pretty Link Pro – The Ultimate Link Cloaking & Redirection Plugin for WordPress!

Pretty Link makes it easy to shorten links, cloak links, redirect links, automate how you share them… and much more!

Pretty Link Pro is a Plugin for WordPress that will enable you to shrink, cloak, track, organize, share and test all of your links on your own domain and server.

Pretty Link Pro is more than a mere Affiliate Link Cloaker or URL shortener — it will revolutionize how you approach your business by allowing you to automate repetitive tasks, optimize your site with testing, see the results of your campaigns immediately and virally spread your links—including all your Affiliate Links within minutes…!”

[GET] Link Cloaking Software

Link Cloaking Software
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“Link Cloaking Software is the first step to preventing commission thieves!

Link Cloaking Software was designed to make creating and managing your affiliate links easy. Check out our Link Cloaking Software demo and see for yourself! We invite you to create an affiliate link with our software and then try to see the original affiliate url. You too can be using this powerful software in just minutes.

How Easy Is Link Cloaking Software?

Step 1 – Install the Link Cloaking Software on your web server.
Step 2 – Login to the LCS administration panel and create your links.
Step 3 – Copy the new cloaked link and use in place of your naked affiliate links…!”

[GET] ViralPayBot

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Value: $47

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“Viral Pay Bot is a WordPress plugin that will turn heads. It is unique and will allow the product owner to make money with it!

Just how does this work? Viral Pay Bot is really a CONTENT LOCKER, however, not any old content locker… You see this amazing plugin will lock content in many various ways and one in particular is through a PAYMENT UNLOCK… a person with a content website can lock any kind of content they want on their website and one of the means of unlocking is perfect for the browser to “PAY” 20 cent or 1$ or 100$ to unlock the content which is shown within the page.

Some main features of Viral Pay Bot:

– Unlock content through tiny payments or big payments if that’s your thing.
– Plugin can easily shade out paragraphs, or whole pages of content within a site.
– Each block of “shaded out” content has a screen box describing what the viewer will learn after they unlock the content.
– To unlock the content you will see SOCIAL buttons such as “Like, Tweet, G+” admin can set that buttons to show.
– Once the content is unlocked through PAYMENT, or LIKE it can be unlocked for per month, a week or forever whatever the admin sets.
– Once content is “Unlocked by Payment” they can be directed back to the unlock page or diverted to another page.
– Instead of a window showing what the user will learn when they “unlock” the content there is the option to put in a VIDEO that performs to entice the viewer to unlock the content.
– There are various unlocking THEMED BOXES.
– When the content is unlocked, there is a option for a POPUP TO SHOW UP which is another means to promote your affiliate offer to the viewer who just bought into your content…!”

[GET] URL Shotgun

URL Shotgun
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“URL Shotgun is a great SEO and affiliate tool. You may wonder why does SEO show up here, right? Think about this, within seconds you can blast your links to 40 url shortner services, right? This way you just creates 40 backlink diversity, isn’t it? 40 is not a lot of backlinks, but the shorten service sites do have good PR and trust. So these backlinks you create are high quality backlinks, and this will boost up your business site. It will will also help you split test your offers, and spin your links. You can also extract money from advertised link services like

Actually, cloak your link is an important task for internet marketing, but I also know that you have to fill out form for each of your link and these links won’t last long as the service drops. And I must say that, we have to do the boring cloaking thing again and again, right?

Imagine you could create a bunch of shortened links from up to 40 ore more link cloaking websites with several mouse clicks, and not even stop there, you can even monetize these links for better result. URL Shotgun is what you are looking for. Firstly, it is a software that can blast your URL to over 40 different link shortening service and create a list for you to copy or save as text file for later use, everything takes just minutes, even FASTER than they way you manually create ONE link. An unbelievable saving time way you could find…!”