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[GET] Longtail Pro Platinum 3.0.32

Longtail Pro Platinum 3.0.32
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Product Price: $47+$17/mo

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Search Multiple Keywords at Once
Generate up to 800 results per seed keyword
Pre-filter keywords
Automatically find Domains
Google or Bing Title Competition
Competitor Analysis on top 10 Google Results
Check Rankings of sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing
Calculate Keyword Competitiveness

Save Favorite keywords
Import lists of keywords (up to 10,000 at once)

Auto-search and Track Rankings – coming soon!
Create custom calculations from keyword results – coming soon!

[GET] Keyword Elite 2.0.18

Keyword Elite 2.0.18
Product: Keyword Elite 2.0.18 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key

Price: $97

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“For The First Time Ever, You Can Get Instant Access To The Exact Keyword Research, Money Making Tool, That’s Responsible For Direct Earnings Of Exactly $1,766,807.20 Last Year Alone… See Proof Below!”
Dominate Niche Marketing: Know exactly what the “money keywords” are. The keywords that BUYERS are searching for! Use these keywords to increase your sales. Nothing else will show you these.

Dominate Google Adwords: Instantly… Yes, and I said instantly, AND with very little money by seeing who is already running a profitable Adwords campaign AND then “borrow” their entire Adwords marketing strategy shown by the software for your own profitable campaign!

If you don’t understand Google Adwords, it doesn’t matter. The software is Fool Proof. It had to be if I was going to use it!

Dominate The Search Engines: Increase the amount of traffic to your site that you’re getting now, WITHOUT paying a dime.

And there are literally HUNDREDS of completely different ways this new tool will allow you to do those things… Ways that I 100% guarantee you have never heard of and didn’t think were even possible. It WILL blow your mind, so read below as I show you specifics.
A break down of the new features of keyword elite 2.0

Entirely new web 2.0 look and feel to allow faster navigation, increase user friendliness, and create a much more enjoyable experience.
100% New Adwords Time Machine program which allows you to view the entire 6 month Adwords ad history of any Adwords advertiser!
100% New Advanced Google Site Targeter program which allows you to quickly find websites displaying Adsense, that you can advertise your own website on.
100% New JV Diamond Miner program which allows you to quickly and easily find websites that are building email lists, allowing you to mooch traffic from their already profitable businesses.
100% New CPA Magnet program which allows you to find high converting CPA offers, as well as monetize those offers through stealth keyword generation.
Enhanced speed. We increased Keyword Elite’s speed of generating keywords and displaying analysis data by over 10x!
Added a multi-tab interface to allow you to run as many project types as you wish, at the same time… while not losing data from the previously run project!
Added Keyword Elite’s own keyword data source, which allows you to build your keyword lists in seconds, not minutes.
Completely changed the keyword editing screen to allow for much easier keyword manipulation.
Added much more filtering capabilities so you can create an ultra specific keyword list based around your niche.
Added several new columns including the ability to see how many clicks you can expect to receive for each keword in both the paid and free search engine listings.
Added trends graphs to the reports
Greatly increased the depth of analysis for onpage ranking factors for sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Allowing you to see, at a glance, why sites rank where they do and how to beat them.
Added the Microsoft OCI percentage so you can see what percentage of visitors searching on a specific keyword are potential buyers vs. just browsers.
Added a competition strength indicator to quickly tell you if a keyword is worth optimizing for… based on the level of the competition.
Plus, literally hundreds of other feature enhancements gathered over the past year! Way too many to list here…

[GET] Keyword Fighter 4.0

Keyword Fighter 4.0
Product: Keyword Fighter 4.0 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key

Price: $27

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Here’s step by step how you could profit with this software:

Scrape a list of youtube keywords for your niche using Keyword Fighter.
Enter these keywords in Google Video Results Sniper and find what keywords have videos ranking on first page.
Enter these keywords in Competition Fighter and get the competition data.
Sort the keywords high to low for a competition criteria.
Higher competition generally means more searches per month and thus more traffic!
Go through this list of keywords and find a suitable video on first page you could outrank.
Create and upload a video optimized for this particular keyword.
Do some off-site seo if necessary.

That’s it. Sit back and watch the traffic and profits roll your way.

[GET] Keyword Ninja

Keyword Ninja
Product: Keyword Ninja Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key

Price: $47

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Keyword Ninja is Now the World’s Most Powerful Keyword Tool for Finding 1,000s of Real “Long Tail Keywords” and Dominating any Niche

Why Long Tail Keywords?

Here are four main reasons why you should consider optimizing your website or pay-per-click campaigns for long tail keywords:

Long tail keywords lead to higher conversions. Visitors arriving through multi-phrase search queries might be more likely to make purchases or convert on affiliate programs or recommendations. By targeting these long tail phrases, you are effectively targeting a market of potential buyers.

Long tail keywords are easier to rank and less expensive to bid on. It is much easier to make your website rank well on search engines for long tail keywords because of the generally weaker competition.

More visitors to your website. Targeting long tail keywords will gradually lead to more search engine traffic because you’ll have a lot of pages indexed and ranking for specific phrases related to your website/business. You can also expand your pay-per-click campaigns significantly. This means increased visibility and therefore a much larger amount of search engine traffic.

Higher monetization potential. Search engine visitors are very valuable because they are targeted individuals who are seeking specific information and hence are more likely to click on contextual ads or subscribe to your site newsletter or blog feed. This grows your audience and allows you greater monetization potential in the long run through product sales or the use of third-party ad networks.

[GET] Keyword Prodigy

Keyword Prodigy
Product: Keyword Prodigy Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key

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Keyword Prodigy is a powerful, easy to use keyword suggestion tool for Windows which finds and collects hundreds or even thousands of hidden keyword suggestions from the most popular search engines.

With one click Keyword Prodigy finds a total of 4,063 keyword suggestions from Google, Google Product Search, Yahoo, Bing and Amazon!

Save hours of keyword research time – No need to visit each search engine to manually copy and paste keyword suggestions from their search boxes. Use Keyword Prodigy to do the work for you in minutes!

Save hours of keyword research time•Gain a competitive advantage
Easy to use
No learning curve
Get keyword suggestions from search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.•Get more suggestions from Google Product
Search and Amazon.
Target keywords by country.
Use the “Go deep” option to get even more keyword suggestions.
Find untapped niches and sub-niches to promote your products or services.
Build niche sites around hidden long tail keywords.
Use keyword suggestions to find placement targeting URLs.
Find 1000′s of negative keywords resulting in huge PPC savings each month.
Use keyword suggestions to find ideas for untapped domain names.
Create massive keyword lists for PPC campaigns.
Copy the keyword suggestion research results found to the clipboard.
Export the results to a CSV file (for Excel).

[GET] All In Scraper 1.1.39

All In Scraper 1.1.39
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Product Price: $47

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All In Scraper Features

Imports keyword lists from text files or Google Adwords Keyword Tool (GAKT) csv files. If using GAKT csv files you can also import local searches, global searches, competition and average CPC.
Export your All In Scraper results to text file or csv file to later import back into the program to analyze or use in another program like Excel.
Scrapes allintitle, allinanchor, allinurl, RC and search results. Broad or Phrase.
Currently supports,,,,, and We will add others upon request.
Answer captcha requests in the program or use Decaptcher service to make it fully automated.
Supports proxies to help prevent captchas and temporary bans.
Import and Export of proxies in text or csv format.
Includes a proxy tester to make sure that your proxies are good.

[GET] Ultimate Niche Finder

Ultimate Niche Finder
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Product Price: $98.50

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Just Look at What This Bad Boy Can Do!

Generate UNLIMITED number of keywords from a single seed keyword. Click one button, leave, and come back to a list of 10′s of thousands of micro niche keywords.
Accurate but fast SEO Competition analyzer suggests the number of backlinks you need to build to rank on Google. We analyze the Top 3 websites, not Top 10 so you’ll get traffic when you rank.
Color-coded Difficulty scores: Green means easy, Orange means moderately difficult, Red means hard.
Multi-threaded Exact Match Domain Finder that checks a minimum of 4,000 available domains in a single request. Shows .info or just the main TLD’s – com/net/org
Filtering and sorting of every columns.
Works with international keywords that utilize accented characters from German, French, Spanish, Portugese etc.
Ability to choose either one of the three: BROAD, PHRASE or EXACT match numbers.
Shows the Online Commercial Intent (OCI) of each keyword.
Export to CSV feature so you can open the data in MS Excel or other tools.
and more!