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[GET] L.G.S. Profit Theme

L.G.S. Profit Theme
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Value: $17

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“Create powerful lead-gen sites for offline businesses with L.G.S. Premium WordPress theme…!”

[GET] Duplicator Pro 3.5.1

Duplicator Pro 3.5.1 Download
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Value: $349

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“Duplicator Pro – WordPress Site Migration & Backup!

Easy, Fast, Powerful…!”

[GET] WP Central Hub 2.0

WP Central Hub 2.0

Value: $37

“WP Central Hub – Best Innovative Plugin to Manage functionality and appearance of Multi WordPress Site Dashboard only from one Central Hub Place!

WP Central Hub plugin is the only management plugin on the market that allows you to simultaneously control the functionality and appearance of all your WordPress sites from one Central Hub in No Time Flat. WP Central Hub is an dynamic management WordPress tool that allows control the functionality and look of all your WordPress sites from one place, easy-to-control, centralized location! If you are a online marketer, freelance web designer or site flipper and build similar WordPress installations time and time again, it is important to find a solution which has the ability to replicate the functionality and look easily, and in the quickest possible time.

WP Central Hub Features :

– Install/Update/Delete Plugins on all sites or selected sites
– Install/Update/Delete themes on all site or selected sites
– Add/Modify/Delete users on all or selected sites
– Add/Modify settings on all or selected sites
– Create post/page on all or selected sites…!”

[GET] Maintenance PRO 2.6

Maintenance PRO 2.6
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Value: $15

“Maintenance PRO – it’s a extended functionality of free Maintenance WordPress plugin.

Easy configure and customize coming soon, under construction page when site have updates or changes.

Add images to gallery, upload video for background, set countdown, choose permissions for user, config subscribe email form…!”

[GET] Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy

Price: $150

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Backs up your entire WordPress install (including all files) or just the database
Use the restore feature to quickly reinstall a previously made backup
Migrate a full WordPress site to a new web host
Backup scheduling, includes email and FTP options

Backup your entire WordPress install. Widgets, themes, plugins, and SQL database – the entire package! You should not leave the backup process up to your web host. Just like your laptop or desktop computer, you should be doing regular backups of your blog or website. With BackupBuddy you can schedule backups and have them sent off-site to Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, an FTP/FTPS account, or to your email.

Restore your WordPress site fast. The restore function in BackupBuddy is super simple. You upload the importbuddy.php script and your backup file, and it restores WordPress: your themes, widgets, plugins, and everything else. No need to install WordPress first! Other backup solutions only backup; BackupBuddy restores too!
Migrate a WordPress site to another domain or server easily. If you build custom WordPress sites for clients, this plugin is for you! This is a very popular feature for WordPress developers who build a custom site for a client on a temporary domain or locally (like a sandbox or playground site) and then want to migrate the entire site with content, styles, widgets and all on a live client domain.

[GET] WP Twin 2.70

Product: WP Twin 2.70

Price: $97

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Plugins (and their configurations)
Comments (if you have any)
Pages & Posts (as well as the content in them)
Tags & Categories
Permalink structures & privacy settings
Themes (including active themes and inactive ones!)
Affiliate links & links of any kind
Footer and header information

Let me tell you why I think WP Twin is AWESOME:

It’s literally a Swiss-Army knife for every WordPress user. Finally you get THREE can’t-live-without-it pieces of software in one.

Using this non-techie tool, with a simple push-button interface, you can effortlessly:

wptwin-review-tip-iconBACKUP wordpress – the entire site not just the wp database.

wptwin-review-tip-iconCOPY WordPress sites and DUPLICATE blog settings and custom configurations.

wptwin-review-tip-iconAnd even MOVE or TRANSFER WordPress sites to new folder, different domain, or another hosting provider altogether in the simplest way possible — just by copying from one location to another.

Best part — you can do all this without lengthy preparations and without technical knowledge whatsoever.

(Ain’t that something!)

And what’s most impressive, the developers pretty much guarantee — and demonstrate in front of live audience (as you’ll see shortly) — if something goes wrong … or your site is corrupted by hackers, WP Twin – unlike the so-called ‘free’ database backup plugins

[GET] WP Backup Plus

WP Backup Plus
Sale Page:

Product Price: $97

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Why Backup WordPress

Backup is the most important thing you need to do for security.
It’s the only sure fire way to make sure your sites can be saved from any kind of attack because you always can restore the website within seconds.
Have backup copy in case of standard server errors, user errors, loss of data, wp issues
Gives you piece of mind
Clients will be very happy to have you when you “save” their site after a virus, hacker attack with a quick backup installation