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Market Samurai 0.93.68
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Stop Struggling To Get Traffic the HARD WAY…

Market Samurai is no doubt one of the most popular marketing tools in the Internet marketing community. This multi-purpose tool is the start of most projects to many, including me. Despite being in a constant beta stage, the software built on Adobe AIR (which makes it available on all computer platforms, including PC, Mac and Linux) is reliable and often updated via an auto-update feature.
Market Samurai Keyword Research Module

Picking the right keywords is the key to make money online with free traffic. If you get that wrong all the work you put in will be wasted. This is the number 1 truth most newbie’s fail to grasp.

Finding cash generating, high volume, low competition keywords is what Market Samurai does best. I don’t know one full time internet marketer who doesn’t use Market Samurai for their keyword research.

Once you put in a seed keyword it will generate a ton of related keywords. You can refine this list quickly by using negative or positive keywords. A negative keyword might be “free”, if you put that in the negative box Market Samurai will automatically remove any keyword that has free in it.

The real magic happens when you press the Analyze Keywords button. You some real cool data so you can stay one step ahead of your competition. As well as giving you accurate search figures (they are pulled from Google’s keyword tool) it tells you how many other sites have that keyword in their page title. This can give you a quick snapshot of how competitive the keyword is likely to be.

The keyword research module also tells you the commercial intent of that keyword, it basically tells you how likely they are to buy. You can filter the keywords by any of these filters and even set your own rules for keyword selection that Market Samurai will apply on any future searches.

This level of research would take hours, sometimes days and a lot of skill to do without Market Samurai. With the software you can gather the data in a few minutes and make simple decisions based on what you find.

It helps you find relevant, high traffic keywords that have commercial intent all in a simple to use interface.

The Keyword Research module of Market Samurai is one of the most sought after features. The keyword research is taken from the Google external keyword tool, which means the results that are given should be a good representation of how that keyword ranks on a Google search. This keyword research tool helps the user pick the best keywords to target, early, in order to save time in the long run. The best part about the keyword research portion of Market Samurai is that is remains free. Even when the free trial runs out on the rest of the software, the Keyword Research Tool is still free and still usable. So, you can use the Keyword Research potion of Market Samurai completely free, if you have no interest in the other modules.

However, the Rank Tracker is another very useful tool. This tool will monitor and track rankings in all major search engines for the targeted keywords. This tool allows you to see if your SEO efforts have had the desired effect on your website. When you combine this with the Publish Content module, it provides an excellent way to automatically monitor the keyword standings.

The SEO Competition module of Market Samurai allows you to compare your own keywords to competitors, using those same keywords. The results show at a glance, whether you might be able to secure the search engine ranking you desire with certain keywords.

The Monetization module of Market Samurai helps the user to find affiliate ads that are targeted for the keywords to be used. This sames time and effort. The module not only helps to locate affiliate ads, but also helps to track results from those ads.

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