[GET] PopupPress 1.9.1

PopupPress 1.9.1
Sales Page: http://codecanyon.net/item/popuppress-popups-with-slider-lightbox-for-wp/5197157

Value: $17

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“PopupPress – Popups with Slider & Lightbox for WordPress!

PopupPress is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily create elegant overlapping windows.

This plugin is intended to insert any type of content in a Popup of the fastest and easiest way on any page of WordPress.

It also has a simple system statistics for the number of views of the popups…!”

[GET] FireBar 2.1.3

FireBar 2.1.3
Sales Page: http://codecanyon.net/item/firebar-notification-bars-for-wordpress/9861906

Value: $18

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“FireBar – Notification Bars for WordPress!

Increase product sales, email signups, and social engagement by over 50% through FireBar notification bars.

These subtle notification bars drive your visitors to specific pages and content for greater conversion…!”

[GET] FB List Monster

FB List Monster
Sales Page: http://fblistmonster.com

Value: $17

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“FB List Monster – Build Your List with REAL Email Addresses and Reach Your Subscribers in Many Ways!

Great for Internet Marketers and Affiliates…!”

[GET] Contact Form Generator 2.5

Contact Form Generator 2.5
Sales Page: http://codecanyon.net/item/contact-form-generator-form-builder/1719810


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“Contact Form Generator is a powerful form builder that enables you to easily create the most elegant forms in less than a minute.

Create your own contact forms, feedback forms, online surveys or event registrations and get responses via e-mail.

– Super easy to use
– Custom branding with your own form design
– Instant email notifications
– Save the form submissions in your database
– Personalized email notifications
– Personalized auto-responders and delivery receipts
– Easy file uploads with progress bar
– Complete MailChimp integration
– Complete Aweber integration
– Custom validation and error message
– 100% fully responsive forms…!”

[GET] BeTheme 8.4

BeTheme 8.4
Sales Page: http://themeforest.net/item/betheme-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/7758048


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“BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme!

100+ ready to use pre-made layouts with 1-click installation…!”

[GET] WP Views Plugin v1.9 by WP Types

WP Views Plugin v1.9 by WP Types

Views 1.9 aka Meina Gladstone
– Added a GUI for inserting Views shortcodes.

– Added a new custom edit page for Content Templates.

– Added class and style attributes to several shortcodes that output HTML tags.

– Added a new shortcode wpv-noautop to display pieces of content without paragraph formatting – included a Quicktag button for easy insertion.

– Added an Admin Bar entry to create and edit Content Template assignments.

– Added a new debug output to the wpv-if conditional shortcode.

– Improved the Loop Wizard functionality – added a way to set Views shortcodes attributes.

– Improved the Loop Wizard – added explanations about different Bootstrap options and their availability.

– Improved the Loop Wizard – made table sorting options easier to understand.

– Improved the combination of limit, offset and pagination settings on a View to avoid expensive auxiliar queries.

– Improved the output of custom CSS and JS for Views and Content Templates – HTML comments should make it easier to identify their source.

– Improved the frontend javascript that controls the pagination, the parametric search interaction and the table sorting.

– Improved the Views AJAX pagination when using a custom spinner – avoided enforcing fixed dimensions and improved the positioning of the spinner.

– Fixed the WordPress media shortcodes (audio, video, playlist) when used on Views with AJAX pagination or with parametric search with automatic results.

– Fixed lower-than comparison functions for date, custom field and usermeta field query filters – a previous security review broke them.

– Fixed the Views pagination spinner “No spinner” setting.

– Fixed the custom fields and usermeta query filters by a Types date field when setting a specific date – changes could not be saved.

– Fixed edit View links on Views widgets when using the Views Embedded plugin.

– Fixed bulk trashing of Content Templates.

– Fixed the query filter by specific users on a View listing users – the URL parameter mode was not being applied.

– Fixed the “Don’t include current page” setting on a View when it is used on a post displayed on an archive page.

– Fixed the API functions to display a View or return its results – avoided errors by checking that the requested item is a published View.

– Improved some shortcodes attributes, like the ones for wpv-post-taxonomy, wpv-post-featured-image and wpv-post-edit-link.

– Improved the compatibility with WPML by setting better translation settings to some private custom fields used to store Views settings.

– Improved the compatibility with WPML by adjusting AJAX pagination when adding language settings as URL parameters.

– Improved the compatibility with 4.2 related to loading spinners.

– Improved the compatibility with 4.2 related to the link Quicktag dialog.

– Improved the compatibility with RTL languages.

Views 1.8.1
– Fixed an inconsistency on query filters getting values from shortcode attributes – empty values should apply no filter.

– Fixed the export workflow – some setting were not exported.

– Fixed an issue about old Views which do not have a “view-query-mode” setting that can not be edited.



– Fixed a bug about removing inline Content Templates from a View.

– Fixed a bug about bulk trashing two or more CT when one of them has posts assigned – there was a PHP error for a $nonce variable not set.

– Fixed a bug on Views listing users and filtering by specific users set on a URL parameter.

– Fixed a bug about “lower than” options on the query filters by custom field, usermeta field and post date.


– Fixed the frameworks integration – frameworks using an option to store values were not registered correctly.

– Fixed an issue about Content Templates saved without slug.

– Fixed an issue that avoided changing the WordPress Archive assigned to an archive loop from the admin listing page.

– Adjusted the documentation links for the new date query filter and the frameworks integration functionality.

– Removed the “Add new” button and the “Trash” link from the Content Template edit page, to avoid inconsistencies.

– Improved the compatibility with Layouts related to archives pagination.

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[GET] [WPLab] WP Lister Pro for eBay v2.0.9.3

[WPLab] WP Lister Pro for eBay v2.0.9.3


Sales Page:



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