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Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin v1.7.8 Download

= Version 1.7.8 (2015-06-11) =

* [*] Removed all widgets pack in Facebook as per its new API.

= Version 1.7.7 (2015-05-25) =

* [*] Bug Fix – [Critical] LinkedIn (May 2015) Principal API changes compatibility.
Fixes all posting and authorization issues.
* [*] [LinkedIn] [Breaking change] Groups are no longer supported via native LinkedIn
* [*] [LinkedIn] New, more clear LinkedIn configuration interface. please check here :


= Version 1.7.6 (2015-05-13) =

* [*] Resolved [Critical] Facebook API 2.3 Compatibility. Usage of API 2.3 was
causing “ERROR(#200) The user hasn’t authorized the application to perform
this action”. Please see full story here:


* [*] Removed “Post as Note” and “Post as event” option in Facebook as per its new API.
* [*] FriendFeed has been shut down permanently. It has been removed from SAP.

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