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[GET] Content Mania Crack

Content Mania Crack
Product: Content Mania Crack
Website: http://www.incansoft.com/IS0006.php

Price: $29.95

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You may even have tried simple tricks like rearranging paragraphs, swapping out verbs, nouns and adjectives with synonyms or even invested in one of the endless variety of article spinners on the market and find you’re still basically spinning nothing more than your wheels.

In order to compete in SERPS effectively, you need to understand how your entire document appears to the search engines in terms of it’s overall context. This process is partially based on the concept of Latent Semantic Analysis or LSA, in which higher keyword densities are actually penalized during the indexing process. However, this same process allows your content to rank well even for keywords you’ve not used, because it’s relevance is again, based on overall context.

Because we follow and work with search engine technologies closely, we consulted with a Linguistics expert to develop Windows program specifically for rewriting PLR Content and analyzing it much the same way a typical search would. The result of the anlysis will help you to maximize every article’s optimization for search engine relevancy BEFORE the search engines see it.

Using the original article as a benchmark, as you rewrite it, it is automatically scored on two key factors: Contextual Relevance and Syntactical Variation. The side-by-side visual comparison of the documents, along with the built-in reference tools will enable you to quickly and easily re-writing any content for both quality and ranking.

Content Mania Features

Create and Save Content Projects
Bulk Compare Multiple Articles
Contextual Relevance
Syntactical Resemblance
Weighting Accuracy
Paragraph Count
Sentence Count
Word Count
Character Count
Export to Text and RTF File Formats
Share Projects for Collaboration

[GET] Online Lead Finder 3.3.7

Online Lead Finder 3.3.7 Download
Sales Page: http://www.onlineleadfinder.com

Value: $797

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“Online Lead Finder is the fastest, cheapest way to find out leads.

You’re About To Discover A Software Tool That Tirelessly Works for You To Find HOT Leads and Create Massive Profits!

We all know that you can’t do business without leads that then turn into suspects, prospects, and paying customers. You need lots of leads to work in order to generate your sales, whether it’s Internet marketing, insurance, affiliate marketing, real estate, eBay, auto related, or any of a hundred other businesses.

Online Lead Finder provides fast, affordable leads. Here’s why you should use Online Lead Finder:

Main features:

– Cragislist, BackPage, Ebay Lead Search
– Yellow Pages Scraper
– Automated Twitter Marketing
– Twitter Trends Demand Traffic
– Facebook Lead Serve
– Social Lead Detective
– Google Maps Extractor
– Yahoo Auto Answer Bot
– Social Mail Hacker
– Linked Lead Connect
– Email Gunner
– FB Open Graph Investigator
– Miracle Traffic Bot…!”

[GET] Keyword Retriever Pro

Keyword Retriever Pro
Official Sales Page: http://keywordretriever.com

Value: $30

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“Keyword Retriever is full of EASY-TO-USE features WordPress plugin that make keyword research simple and quick!

Some of these outstanding features:

– Live Optimize
– Wider net
– Daily Search
– Tag Optimize
– Density Optimize
– Graphic Optimize
– Stay Ahead

What Keyword Retriever features:

– Users check keyword density…
– Users can find keywords with high global searches…
– Optimize keywords in posts and pages…
– Optimize keywords in posts and pages for sponsors…
– Auto add no follow to keywords that go to affiliate offers…
– Cloak keywords that are going to affiliate offers…
– Target your top keywords easily…
– Optimize posts and pages easily…
– A tutorial will be provided to show them how best to set up keyword tool
– A tutorial will be provided to show how to get the most from keyword optimization

What Keyword Retriever Pro features:

– SILO structures
– Affiliate HOT linking”