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[GET] ArpReach GOLD 1.5.002

ArpReach GOLD 1.5.002
Sales Page: http://arpreach.com

Value: $395

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“ArpReach – Autoresponder and email marketing software chosen by thousands of online businesses. No monthly fees. No ever-increasing costs.

– Total control
You have total control over your email marketing without worrying about having your valuable list hijacked by a provider who’s decided to close your account at a moment’s notice. It happens!

– No limits
Our simple one-time pricing means you’ll never be charged more because your contact list grows or you send more email. There are no monthly fees, no charges based on list size or per-email or per-broadcast charges.

– Compliance tools
Includes everything you need to comply with CAN-SPAM laws and email marketing best practices including opt-in confirmation, one-click unsubscribe, business address footers and IP address recording for proof of subscription.

– Design freedom
Send plain text or fully colored and styled HTML emails. Use the inbuilt What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor or paste in copy from your favorite editor…!”

[GET] VIP Shopping Cart 4.0

VIP Shopping Cart 4.0
Sale Page: http://www.vipprofitzone.com/Shopping_Cart/Software.html

Product Price: $97

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“Who Else Wants A Shopping Cart On Their Own Server That Gives Them Total Hands-free Control From “Add Item” to “Checkout?”

Now You Can Showcase Your Products To Actual BUYERS!
Easily Build and Maintain A “Total-Control” Shopping Cart ON YOUR OWN SERVER – without Any Programming or Knowledge of HTML


Dear Independent Business-owner, Artisan and Affiliate,

How many times a week do you shop online using Google or yahoo?

Likewise, can you imagine how many people – just like you, get on the Internet each day wanting to BUY, with something specific in mind?

The Answer: Millions! In fact, over 28% of all Google searches are for a “Specific” product or brand name.

Look at eBay or Amazon… two of the biggest shopping traffic networks on the internet…

Nearly ALL the traffic on these sites is there to spend money!

Think About This…
Your site can have the same sure-fire Power allowing each customer to “add to cart” and purchase ALL your products in one click… A small $27 sale can quickly and easily accumulate to a $270 customer… and it’s all possible using the latest edition of the VIP Shopping Cart Software!

Of course, to be profitable you’ll also need visitors or traffic…

Let’s take a look at my friend Terry. After devoting 25 years of his life to his company – layoffs had him spending now vacant afternoons on the recliner watching car shows.

Left with nothing because the company went bankrupt there was no time to retire. He turned to his wife Kristi who dedicates her spare time marketing and researching for her “part-time” internet business.

She helped him to set up his first ebay account – along the “classic” internet marketing lines. After kicking around different 3rd party services, he placed his salespage on eBay selling one car-part at a time.

Starting a Business Online After 25 Years in a Different World
Classic cars are his passion and selling parts kept him busy, but it at the same time cost him constant listing fees and hours of writing posting and finding the parts.

Not to mention the time his account was frozen for investigation because of an auction system malfunction.

His business system was mildly successful but had its flaws, and his customers were loyal often inquiring about buying bulk or different multiple parts at a time.

After a month – like smart business owners do – Kristi and Terry made an assessment of his ebay car parts business – and brainstormed ways he could improve his sales, customer satisfaction, and increase the amount of multiple sales orders.

They decided that Terry was ready to move forward and take more control of his business. He bought a domain, found his parts through reliable drop shippers and set up a custom store front using the VIP cart software Kristi recommended.

Now he could sell his digital books as well as his physical car parts. (something most auction site don’t allow the sale of digital or downloadable products.)

All From an Easy to Navigate Storefront.
His entire business is now automated, run through a shopping cart system on his own servers so he has total control his entire business. Not to mention, constant contact with the business savvy support staff at VIP to keep his automatic sales machine running smoothly.

Needless to say Terry spends more time working on his hobby car a light blue, 67 Camero.

The recent economic crisis has quietly affected our homelives, and also acts as a wakeup call to our monetary security. The reality is – a job no longer means long term reliability. But you’re an independent business owner or you hope to be – that’s why you’re here, and…

That’s where the VIP Shopping Cart Software shines.

Feel the Liberation of a “Worry-Free” Business
You can automatically generate each page using the “Point and Click ” simple Product Page Creator. Cranking out pages that are carefully pre-optimized keyword-rich “Spider Food ” for the mighty Search Engines.

You see, search engines like Google and Yahoo employ “Spider ” programs which crawl or search through your site and it’s content – carefully reviewing every single product page.

The more useful and strategically structured your site is – the more it appears in the results when someone does a search using sites like Google.

What’s the final outcome of having automatically “optimized” pages?

The Multitudes of visitors searching for what you’re selling and are ready to buy from YOU Find Your Site!

VIP Cart is the #1 “out – of – the box ” solution for:
Motivated entrepreneurs selling products online (VIP Cart supports both digital and physical products)
Distributors and wholesale junkies
Importers and Exporters
Software developers looking for a quality php shopping cart software at a low price
ISP and web hosting providers who would like to offer a reliable, state o’ the art e-commerce solution.

Start selling your products online in only a few mouse clicks!

VIP Shopping Cart Software Is Loaded To The Hilt With Powerful Features Like These…

Software Setup and Technical Support
Easy web based installation with no programming Skills required.

– Easy to navigate user-friendly web interface
– Free unlimited technical support
– New downloadable plug in version
– Simple and easy to install

Design and Layout
Whether you choose a pre-designed theme or use the software and customize your own look and feel. VIP shopping cart will blend seamlessly into any site.

– Attractive design and layout
– Change cart name, slogan, and descriptions from admin
– Choose from pre-designed themes that can be applied as your storefront
– Use of Mini-cart facility
– HTML emails

Customer Care
Tell your customers you truly care with friendly password reminders and access to order history

– All orders stored in MySQL database
– Customers can view their personal order history
– Product can be searched
– Friendly Password reminder for customers through email
– Customers can check out as a guest user
– Customizable auto-generated e-mail notifications/invoices

Product Catalog
The sky’s the limit when it comes to how many products VIP Shopping Cart can hold… You can feature any set of products you want to draw special attention to and you can “turn on ” and “Turn off ” any product page with 1-click!

– Unlimited number of physical products, digital products
– New Digital product feature – *unlimited upload URL* for products that have 10 files or more
– Upload products three different ways
– Mass upload to a folder via FTP
– Upload the file directly from your PC
– Put in product URL if you have the files located somewhere else online
– Unlimited number of categories
– “Featured Products ” facility – Other services charge extra for this feature!
– 1-click enable/disable switch for products and categories
– Configurable search by title, description, category, price and weight
– Vip cart will mask the file and keep it secure
– Set the number of times a customer can download products
– Set time for downloads to expire
– One click resend and enable download one more time for re-download requests
– Coupon feature can be turned off and on with a click
– Public coupon page can be on/off even if the coupon feature is still active
– Coupon can be given to all users including guest, or only registered users, or only to select users. You decide.

No More “Per Product” Listing Fees For You

Product Details
Each product becomes the star of the page – simple text formatting ensures you won’t be knocking your head against a wall trying to get the right “look and feel” for your page… these pages are pre-designed to SELL!

– Text formatted product descriptions
– Small (90X90 Pixels) and Big (120X120 Pixels) Image for each product.
– Images are stored in a folder, and image names are stored in the DB
– Sales summary page shows you at a glace whats going on with your cart
– You can see what product is hot
– View what category is most popular
– you can set 5,10+ hot products and categories to view in your reports

Special Offers as Discount
Want to get a major boost in sales with almost no extra effort? Use this feature to offer your customers a special discount coupon on their next purchase… you’ll see a surge in buyer traffic immediately (from repeat buyers!)

– Ability to provide discount coupons to customers.
– Coupons can be turned on and off according to length of offer
– Public coupon pages can be turned off even if the coupon feature is on
– Coupons can be given to all users including guests
– Coupons can be set to “Registered” users, or to only select users

The better your shipping options, the more sales you’ll make. Offer any kind of shipping you want and even allow your customers to choose!

– Unlimited number of custom-defined delivery methods
– Allow your customers to choose delivery methods

Payment Gateways/Methods
Give your buyers every possible way to buy from you and they’ll keep you knee-deep in SALES! Integrate almost any payment system with VIP Shopping Cart Software and get more orders from your web site today!

– Allow payment integration with online payment modules.
– Ready Online credit card processing:
– Paypal
– 2CheckOut
– And of course the options to receive checks or money orders

Sales Analysis
It’s easy to track your sales and expand your business empire using VIP Shopping Cart’s sophisticated, yet 1-2-3 simple product history display… you’ll never lose track of another paying customer!

– Comprehensive statistics:
– Number of orders
– Total Number of customers till date and on some particular date
– Hot product
– Hot Category
– Total sales till date and on some particular month
– Theme applied on Client environment
– Searchable order data
– Print-out can be taken for Individual Order
– Export orders & customer data to Excel Format

Each Page is Search Engine Friendly
(This is a huge feature)Search Engines love static links – dynamic links (which most other shopping cart systems use) are not considered ‘suitable’ for Search Engines, meaning you immediately have an almost unfair advantage over every other marketer NOT using VIP Shopping Cart Software! (watch the perplexed look on their faces as the buyer-soaked shopping traffic flows effortlessly to YOU while they remain virtually invisible!)

– Pages can be indexed by all major search engines
– Pages are written in html and all links are static!

Database and Platform Compatibility
Database and Platform Compatibility – Integrates seamlessly with almost any existing database and keeps them organized, safe and secure!

– Open source PHP code
– MySQL database as backend
– Payment processing module is open for 3rd party gateways integration

Repeat Customer Grabber
It is estimated that over 80% of customers who buy from you will purchase from you again if you make them an offer. The sad truth is that more than 90% of marketers never contact their buyers after the first sale is made. Most of them don’t even know who their customers are!

But with VIP Shopping Cart…

– All customer data is stored in a secure database
– Customers can be offered discounts through email
– Customers do not have to enter their data again, they just need to provide their username and password
– Customers can edit their profile
– Customers can access their complete history of orders
– Updated status of the order is sent via email to customer
– Facility for viewing and giving Product reviews and ratings

This feature alone pays for the VIP Shopping Cart Software many times over. I allows you customers to really feel like they have a “voice” and a space to put their thoughts. Feedback and ratings for your product supercharges your selling power and virtually guarantees MORE sales and re-peat buyers…

Literally Reads Your Customers Mind And Delivers Exactly What They Want … Which Sends Even More Money Streaming into Your Bank Account!

Web-based Control Panel
Add, Edit, Remove or Modify any element on any product page within the Admin Panel and the changes are updated instantly throughout the entire web site! Easy navigation interface make setup and maintenance a breeze!

– Password-protected administrative access
– Immediate effect on the Client’s environment on changes done in Admin Module
– Access and Control the cart from anywhere in the world using your web browser
– One click makes your product active or inactive
– Software resides on your server so you never have to worry about a third party site going down – taking your
products with it.

– And Much More…

[GET] WP SEO Ninja

WP SEO Ninja
Sale Page: http://www.wpseoninja.com/

Product Price: $37

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It does not matter if you have a new blog or an old blog. The WP SEO Ninja Plugin works exactly the same and you will see incredible results instantly…

Some features of WP SEO NINJA Plugin:

Amazing Content Optimization feature and a Site Optimization feature on 24 PROVEN Onpage Optimization Factors.
Has an option of optimizing each page with one Primary Keyword and as many Secondary Keywords.
Content On page SEO includes checking for optimization factors like Title, Heading Content, Image & Links
Analyses you content and gives you a Readability Score to make your content as easily readable as possible.
Site SEO Includes checking for optimization factors like Page Title, Page Description, Keywords and Page Url
Auto Syndicates your post and pages to the TOP Web 2.0 Properties automatically creating instant AUTHORITY backlinks.
You also have the option of manually selecting which page you want to syndicate and you also have the option to choose the web 2.0 properties.
Indexes your page or post instantly in Google.
Builds Authority Backlinks to your pages from these Web 2.0 Properties with the relevant keyword you choose.
With The WP SEO Ninja Spinner Feature it submits unique content on all the Web 2.0 properties.
Tracks all the Incoming Keyword Terms to every post and page.of your blog.
Tracks the Number of visitors for each keyword that gets traffic to your post or pages.
Tell you the referring source of TRAFFIC for each of the keywords.
It tells you the current ranking of the keyword and also tells you if there is an increase or decrease in rankings.
It tells you which url received traffic from which keyword.
Auto Tags all your pages and post with incoming Popular Search Terms to that particular post or page.
Auto deletes keywords not searched in the time frame you set.
Creates a very nice looking HTML sitemap for your site visitors.
Creates Search Engine friendly XML Sitemaps as per the Google webmaster requirements that are needed for the Google bots.
Creates Nice looking Image Sitemaps that are also Search Engine friendly for the Google bots to crawl and rank on Google.
Creates Very rarely seen Video Sitemaps that the Google bots love and will help you rank or videos on google fast.

[GET] Website Review 4.3

Website Review 4.3
Sales Page: http://codecanyon.net/item/website-review/4993140

Value: $17

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“Website Review is a SEO tool which will help you analyze your web page. This app provide a full information about links, meta tags of chosen domain. In addition you will see personal advices how to optimize your HTML.

Website Review main features:

– PageSpeed Insights
– Link Extractor
– Content Analysis
– Multilanguage Interface (Russian, English, French, Danish, Deutsch, Spanish, Dutch
– Complete Website Review
– Website Speed Tips
– Advice System
– Meta Tags Crawler and Analyzer
– Score System
– Responsive Layout
– Social Sharing
– Export as PDF
– Sitemap Generator
– Websites Ratings
– Contact Page…!”

[GET] MachForm Version 2.4 (NULLED)

MachForm Version 2.4 (NULLED)
Sale Page: http://www.appnitro.com/

Product Price: $39

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MachForm is an intuitive, browser based, self-hosted HTML form builder program. Designed as a modern HTML form builder, it makes use of the latest web technologies like AJAX, CSS, and javascript to provide a fluid browser based experience.

[GET] WP Lister Pro

WP Lister Pro
Sales Page: http://www.wplab.com/shop/wp-lister/

Value: $129

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“WP Lister connects your WooCommerce shop with your eBay Store. You can select multiple products right from your products page, select a profile to apply a set of predefined options and list them all on eBay with just a few clicks.


– List any number of items at once
– Set up a profile once and apply to any number of products
– Verify items and get listing fees before actually listing them
– Mark as sold / decrease quantity when sold on eBay
– Choose categories from eBay and your eBay Store
– Map your custom categories to eBay categories
– National and international shipping options
– Supports calculated shipping services
– Support for product variations
– Unique feature to split variations into single items
– Supports local requirements like Return Policy for ebay.de
– Create custom listing templates using WordPress post editor
– Built in template editor with HTML / CSS syntax highlighting
– Download / upload listing templates – makes life easy for 3rd party template developers…!”