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[GET] WP Amaniche 3.0

WP Amaniche 3.0
Product: WP Amaniche 3.0 – 100% working – Nulled
Website: http://wpamaniche.com/

Price: $47

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Hi, Edwin here.

You may have or not heard of us, but we specialize in the development of WordPress Plugins (software) and related products that helps our Clients to make their lives easier and their businesses more succesful by automating processes that can normally take days or weeks to complete when done manually.

With the internet becoming more and more competitive time is of the essence and that time is much better spend on the marketing of your sites then the tedious stuff that doesn’t make money for you.

More Time For Promotion Means More Sales

When we started out in internet marketing one of our business models was to create many sites selling physical products. With great energy we started to build our sites, creating descriptions, finding product pictures, getting our affiliate links ready and then placing all that info on our sites.

We were building site after site as we wanted an empire of product sites as the more sites you have the more money you are able to make. But then it hit home as the more sites we were having the more time we had to spend also to promote those sites, otherwise we weren’t getting any visitors and therefore NO sales!

So we decided to work even harder, 16 hours a day and 7 days a week to build our empire of Product Sites as quickly as possible. But after a while we realised that we could not keep up with the promotion of all the sites we were building. This is where we realised that we needed to create software to automate the site building process

[GET] Auto Tube Press

Auto Tube Press
Sale Page: http://www.autotubepress.com/

Product Price: $47

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List of AutoTubePress Features – and How They Help You:

Extremely SIMPLE and intutive. Everything-above-the-fold admin panel. You can’t screw it up, even if you try (seriously). Help hover popups are available in every function of AutoTubePress.

Enter a list of keywords to gather videos from. You can include double quotes for an “exact match” search

Enter a list of categories to post the videos under. AutoTubePress can also create new categories on the fly from the keywords you entered.

Optional negative keyword list so that you won’t get irrelevant videos on your blog.

For example, if you have a blog about “Microsoft Windows”, you can exclude terms like “fiberglass”, “aluminum” etc, to make sure you don’t get videos about windows used on houses.

Include video comments or not: Select whether you want the youtube video comments to be included in the posts or not (or let the plugin do it randomly for some posts and not for others)

Include video description or not: Select whether you want the youtube video description to be included in the posts or not (or let the plugin do it randomly for some posts and not for others)

Automatic on-page SEO: The plugin automatically set’s the video’s title as the blog post’s title. It also sets the youtube video tags as the new blog post’s tags. It also populates the keyword and description meta tags.

Select the posting schedule. From 4, 7, 10, 15, 20 times every week.

NO related videos shown when each video ends. This is done to make sure that the visitor doesn’t lose focus and has a higher chance of converting to a customer.

Ability to add HTML before the video, between the video and the description – or even after the description. That way you can add calls to action like

You CAN add your own content (or modify existing posts) whenever you want. The plugin won’t hold your blog “hostage.”

[GET] Deep Linker Pro 2.0

Deep Linker Pro 2.0
Product: Deep Linker Pro 2.0
Website: http://www.deeplinkerpro.com/

Price: $67

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Introducing Deep Linker Pro! “DLP” The only TRULY
Automated Web Directory Submitter!

RULY Automated Submission Process – Fill in your site details, select a submission list and click a button. It’s THAT easy! Other directory submitters require you to go through each and every site, one by one.

DEEP Link Friendly – We don’t know of any other directory submitter on the market, free or paid, that has a custom list of directories that accept links to internal pages of your website! With DLP you can add your own internal pages and submit them to that special list that is constantly growing!

SMART directory Lists – Since we are always adding new sites to the list and removing inactive sites, we created “submission lists” so you can take full advantage of all future additions to the directories in our list.

So let’s say you submitted xyz.com to all of the directories in our list, but a week later we added more sites. With other submitters, if you wanted to submit to those new sites, you would have to submit xyz.com to the list again, which means you would have to submit your site twice to the sites that were in the list already. Now you risk having your link removed on those initial sites.

With our SMART directory lists, this is not an issue. All new directories are added in separate submission lists, so once we add the new list and give it to you, FREE of charge, you just select your URL (which it remembers) and that new submission list, click “Submit” and you’re done! NO duplicate submissions!

SMART Category placement – Other directory submitters submit your site to categories that aren’t relevant to your site’s niche. We have an advanced, internal algorithm that chooses the most accurate category to your site.

Site Profile Database – When we add new submission lists with new directories, you don’t want to have to add each and every site to the software AGAIN, like other submitters require you to do. With DLP once a site is added, it stays!

Manual Submission for Extra Links – Most of the sites in our lists can be submitted to automatically, with the click of a button. But if you’re like me and you want EVERY link you can get, we offer a manual submission option, that makes submitting to directories that have “captcha” very quick and easy.

EXTREMELY User Friendly – As you can see in the video above, submitting your site to hundreds, eventually thousands, of directories is as easy as entering your site details, choosing a submission list and clicking “Start Submission.”

[GET] Video Maker FX 1.1

Video Maker FX 1.1
Sales Page: http://www.videomakerfx.com

Value: $67

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“Video Maker FX – Amazing Video Creation Software!

Make Videos Like The PROs With the Most Powerful Video Creation Software… Introducing the Ultimate ALL-IN-ONE Video Creator – Video Maker FX!

– The GO TO Video Creation Software For Marketers & Businesses
– Creates Amazing Videos!
– Engages Your Audience! Boosts Your Sales & Conversions!
– Profit from Your Videos Or Sell Them. It’s Up to You!
– NO Monthly Fees. NO Annoying Watermarks, NO Costly Software or Months Learning…!”

[GET] Scarcity Builder 2.1

Scarcity Builder 2.1 Download
Sales Page: http://scarcitybuilder.com

Value: $20

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“Scarcity Builder – Conversion-Boosting Date, Evergreen & IP Based Countdown Timers for WordPress!

The Most Powerful Sales Trigger is SCARCITY!

Scarcity Builder was designed to add urgency to any page on your WordPress sites.

Use on Sales Pages, Affiliate Promotion Pages, Squeeze Pages, One-Time Offer (OTO) Pages, Pre-Launch Pages, the list goes on…

Creating time sensitivity into your sales material changes how the visitor approaches your site. They now realize that there is NO coming back, NO “I’ll take a look when I have more time”, NO bookmarking to check out later or to forget the next day…!”

[GET] WP MasterPiece

WP MasterPiece
Sales Page: http://wp-masterpiece.com

Value: $12.99

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“WP Master Piece – Easily Add Stunning Image Effects Directly INSIDE WordPress!

Instantly Create ‘Visually Stunning’ Animated (Image) Effects on ALL Your WordPress Sites With Only a Few Simple Clicks of Your Mouse…

Transform YOUR Current Boring Word Press Driven Sites into Modern Day Visual WONDERS… RIGHT NOW!

Visually get a (LIVE PREVIEW) for Any and All Designs You Create… this is a Fantastic Convenience and Allows for Maximum Effectiveness!

Create and Use Unlimited WP-Masterpiece Styles! THERE ARE NO LIMITS EVER! Hundreds of Built in Animations… Click One Button and You Are Done…!”

[GET] Traffic Elixir

Traffic Elixir
Sales Page: http://www.trafficelixir.com

Value: $67

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“Traffic Elixir – You’re About To Discover A FREE Traffic Generation App That Sends Daily Visitors To Your Website On A Complete Autopilot WITHOUT Relying on Google Rankings, YouTube Videos or Facebook Ads…!

This has NEVER Been Done Before – What You’re About To See Is An UNSLAPAPLE and UNSTOPPABLE Traffic Generation Animal!

– NO relying on Google rankings, Youtube rankings or Facebook ads
– No SEO or PPC! This system is traffic animal
– No waiting for ad approval or backlink index
– Instant free targeted traffic
– Completely Push Button Automated…!”