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[GET] Video Shadow 1.3

Video Shadow 1.3
Sale Page: http://www.videoshadow.com/

Product Price: $97

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Quickly and easily find the exact keywords that youtubers are searching PLUS uncover your competitor’s SEO tactics for ranking at the top of youtube and Google.

Attention: Youtube keywords are different from Google Search so DON’T treat them the same or sit at the bottom of Youtube with no views.

[GET] FlexSqueeze 1.5

FlexSqueeze 1.5
Sale Page: http://www.flexsqueeze.com/

Product Price: $197

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FlexSqueeze Features

NEW! Visual editing never looked so good! FlexSqueeze now comes with it’s own set of visual editor buttons that allow you to easily insert content boxes, content dividers, buy buttons, formated lists, headings and other font styles, arrows, badges, banners, bonus boxes, columns, ratings tables, guarantee certificates, testimonials, autoresponder forms and even complete sales pages!
NEW! Facebook templates – Embed your FlexSqueeze pages into Facebook and also create a ‘Like’ reveal where users see different content only after liking your page!
NEW! Secondary navigation menu – Add a second navigation menu to your site and style it completely different from the main menu.
NEW! Post thumbnail support – Use featured images in your posts and control they’re apperance in the theme options.
NEW! Breadcrumb navigation – Include a breadcrumb trail menu in your site to aid visitor navigation and help reduce bounce rate.

Full drop-down menus – FlexSqueeze supports child pages in site navigation, so you can nest pages and take advantage of a streamlined menu bar. Theme options allow you to control the height, width and colors of your sub menus. FlexSqueeze support WP 3.0+ custom menus too! Even add a second navigation menu!
Transparent header, feature and footer options – Take total control over each site section by dropping out the background if you wish.
Export your settings to multiple FlexSqueeze blogs in seconds! No need to redo your settings for each new site, just rapid-fire blog deployment! Just import your custom theme settings, activate your plugins and you’re open for business! PLUS you maintain all the behind-the-scenes customization the theme is renowned for!
Custom favicons – Choose from over 75 custom favicons or easily upload and use your own favicon.
Easily add custom scripts to your footer – FlexSqueeze allows you to add any custom scripts to your theme footer.
… and more

[GET] Keyword Chief 2.4

Keyword Chief 2.4
Sales Page: http://www.keywordchief.com

Value: $67

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“Keyword Chief – It’s a long, long job to research your keywords, keyword phrases, LSI’s etc., and then to write content for your chosen search term that has the perfect number and density of keywords…

Keyword Chief looks at the top 10 Google SERP’s for your search term, compares them to each other, and then tells you the keywords that ALL the top 10 pages are using in their content, PLUS the density of those keywords.

In less than a minute you will know EXACTLY which keywords and their relevant density to include in your website copy so that it matches Google’s exact keyword expectations…!”

[GET] WP Amaz-One

WP Amaz-One
Sales Page: http://wp-amazone.com

Value: $57

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“WP Amaz-One – absolutely the easiest-to-use mast feature-rich Amazon autoposter on Earth!

Check out these EXCELLENT features and options:

– WP Amaz-One PLUS is EASY to configure and EASY to use
– Use different Amazon affiliate ID’s to create different campaigns
– Create unlimited campaigns with unlimited products
– Browse Node functionality to more closely pull in those products you want to promote
– Ability to pull in ONLY products above or below a certain price point
– Ability to choose specific products by ASIN
– Choose to publish products as POSTS OR PAGES (WP Amaz-One PLUS will even create the new page at the time of campaign creation!)
– Automatically create your category for your posts while creating your campaign
– When readers click on “read more” they are taken to a new Amazon.com browser tab – but they can easily click back to your site to read and do more shopping!
– Unique “shopping reminder” lightbox!
– Link cloaking – vital for an affiliate site
– Amazon product review options to show the reviews on your main page, just within the post itself, or not at all if that’s how you want it!
– One-click Amazon affiliate ID updating – a real timesaver for site flippers
– Three post templates to choose from – your Amazon autoblog will never look like anyone else’s!
– Uniquify ALL posts, or just your Amazon auto posts – perfect for you PLR users!
– Twenty-five “buy now” buttons to choose from – mix it up a little with our cool button colors and designs!
– Amazon affiliate pop-up text links embedded into your articles – you choose the keyword to link, and WP Amaz-One does the rest!
– Ad units – you know how well those blue ad units convert, right? Now you can choose the products they show and place them anywhere in your copy!
– Future-dated campaigns – an often-requested feature that you’ll love!
– Pull in “related products”
– Integrated shopping cart for 90-day cookies on eligible products
– Pull in related product-related videos from YouTube by keyword
– Are you an affiliate in the UK, Germany, Japan, France or Canada? WP Amaz-One supports all countries…!”