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[GET] Wiki Link Jacker Pro 1.03

Wiki Link Jacker Pro 1.03
Sales Page: http://launch.wikilinkjacker.com

Value: $67

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“WikiLink Jacker Pro is powerfull authority backlink building & power content curation software which will grab you high PR backlinks from one of the hardest websites to get a lasting backlink on. Get high powered authority backlinks from “THE” Wikipedia which will NEVER be slapped. (Not just backlinks from tiny off label wiki’s) That is Right, I’m talking about WIKIPEDIA.

Wikipedia Links STAY PUT because you give Wikipedia moderators & editors what they DESPERATELY want, current, valid references to quality content to change ‘link rot’ on Wikipedia — No spam, completely white hat method.

WikiLink Jacker Pro also build amazing unique content which is even safe to use on your money websites in minutes. Wiki Link Jacker Pro will help you Get you an INSTANT no slap, high PR, white-hat backlink from a website which has HUGE authority & high outbound link content standards. WikiLink Jacker Pro will Put simply Google LOVES backlinks from WikiPedia, & you are going to be able to get an unlimited amount without all the usual running about required…!”

[GET] Digi Link Doctor 1.3.1

Digi Link Doctor 1.3.1
Sale Page: http://www.digilinkdoctor.com/

Product Price: $297

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Digi Link Doctor lets you…

Improve your search ranking: keep all your links working to make sure you get on the page you deserve
Tap into a brand new well of backlinks: this is a potentially huge resource just waiting to be exploited… let Digi Link Doctor apply the patch and the flood gates will open
Instantly patch broken links: Digi Link Doctor is constantly scanning for broken links. As soon as one is found, it patches with a ready-made web-page so you keep all your link juice
Get traffic that’s primed to buy sent straight to your pitch: simply set the patch page to redirect to your main site and you’ll have an audience that’s already got one hand in its wallet
Keep your reputation intact: easy customization of the patch page gives you complete control of the customer experience…

Never be caught out by broken links again: Every week you’ll get an e-mail showing you what Digi Link Doctor has patched… keeping you constantly informed and up to date
Get all the traffic that is rightfully yours: everyone trying to reach your site through a broken link is traffic you have earned through your good content… but your hard work isn’t getting the rewards it deserves. Digi Link Doctor guarantees that every bit of the traffic you’ve worked for reaches your site
Have the power of professional software at your command: I might be a bit of a techie, but this is complicated stuff… that’s why I hired a top-class programmer to write a top-class plugin.

All you need to do is upload the plugin and set it to work… just a ten-minute time investment for constant action.
IMPORTANT: This is not just an offline problem!

You might think this isn’t your problem…
I thought it wasn’t my problem…

There is about an 80% chance that you are losing traffic right now because of broken links. I’ll explain how I know that in a minute, but first, let me explain why you really don’t want this to happen:

You’re constantly losing link juice: you could have a link from a high-PR site attached to a top-level keyword… and it’s all for nothing. You could be two pages lower on Google than you should be, just because of a typo!
High-quality traffic is bouncing away: this is a willing audience who has made the decision to view your page, and WILL read your pitch… but all they’re seeing is a 404
Your reputation is damaged: if the first impression of your brand is a bad one, that traffic won’t come back
Your traffic is being sniped by competitors: right now, there are link builders hunting for broken links and offering a link to their site instead of yours.

[GET] RankBuilder 2.9.93

RankBuilder 2.9.93
RankBuilder 2.9.93 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
Sale Page: http://rankbuilder.com

Product Price: $67/month

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Link Builder Pro or Rank Builder Review – Various Great Features

This section of Link Builder Pro Review i.e, rank builder review is to elaborate all the features that this so called best SEO automation suite contains. What does this link builder tool deliver so that it can be called all in one automation SEO tool? Let us see –

Creates Linkwheel Automatically – It creates account, confirms email verification and submits spun articles to various web2.0 properties automatically. At present, it supports 15 web 2.0 properties (and is growing). Latest update is that it contains 49 web 2.0 properties.

Submits RSS feeds Automatically – It creates RSS feed from your Linkwheels and submits them to best 10 RSS feed directories automatically. This provides linkjuice to the linkwheels and help them to get indexed fast with good ranking.

Social Bookmarks Automatically – It is integrates with Onlywire.com and bookmarks all of your sites to top 30+ social bookmarking sites for getting quick laser targeted traffic.

Builds Forum Profile Links Automatically – It registers accounts, clicks verification links in emails and submits your links (of your preferred sites or pages) to hundreds of high page ranked forums (included in the software). The best thing related to this feature of link builder pro i.e, rank builder is that it allows you to add your own high PR forum sites.

Breaks Captcha Automatically – It is fully workable with two Captcha breaking services – Decaptcher and Death By Captcha. You can also enter Captcha manually if don’t have enough fund for the services.

Supports Proxy – It supports proxies whether it is http or private ones with username and password. Even the newest version supports rotating proxies for profile link building. This feature of link builder now recently became rank builder allows you to create lots of profile links under various accounts in same a high PR forum without getting your real IP banned. Additionally, this keeps link building process natural in the eyes of various search engines.

Supports Article Spinning – It supports spinning of articles like this – {text1|text2|text3}. The newest version supports nested spinning of articles for linkwheel building. The tool posts unique versions of an article every time to sites of your linkwheel.

Boosts Link Automatically – It integrates with ping.fm and submits RSS feeds created from your list of sites to 40+ social networking sites, thus boosting link juice. This is one of the another great feature of link builder pro i.e, rank builder.

New update – Rank builder now provides Rank Builder Article Submitter that submits to high traffic and most popular article directories.


Sale Page: http://www.myxgenseo.com/

Product Price: N/A

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How does XGen SEO™ Social Marketing compare to other SEO Software?

All other Social Marketing Software on the market today are still based on the OLD SEO techniques. Those types of software are mainly focused on On-Page optimization factors which only represent 10% of the SEO factors. They also use link building techniques that are still focused on the OLD link exchange techniques which Google has made clear they are against.

XGen SEO™ Social Marketing is built on the new Google ranking algorithm which focuses on building content rich quality links from social networking sites such as Blog, Forums, Bookmarking and RSS feeds. This is the ONE of the most important SEO elements to get your web site to the top 10 ranking. In fact, it represents 95% of the SEO factors.

XGen SEO™ Social Marketing will generate 100’s of high quality back-links from top social networking sites, faster than any other technique or tool in the world! These sites include ALL major Social Media, Blogs, Wikis, Article Marketing, Hubs, Groups, Micro Blogging, Social Networking, RSS and Ping sites.

How does XGen SEO™ Social Marketing work?

Step 1 – XGen SEO™ Social Marketing will help you automatically create hundreds of accounts on 100+ Top Social Media and web 2.0 websites – at a click of a button! This is done with CAPTCHA resolved automatically! No manual intervention involved……believe it or not!

Step 2 – XGen SEO™ Social Marketing verifies all those 100s of accounts created automatically! No need to open 100s of emails and click on each one to laboriously and manually verify each and every single account anymore!

Step 3 – It helps you create your article or Blog posts. You can get targeted article ideas or blog post ideas using your money keywords quickly. You can then create articles and blog posts using the ideas for your own website.

Step 4 – XGen SEO™ Social Marketing will automatically spin your articles and blog posts into 10s of different versions! So it helps in minimizing the duplicate content issues.

Step 5 – It will automatically submit 10s of versions of your articles to dozens of high PR article directories! These include EzineArticles, Article Dashboard, Article Trader, Article Cube, Article Rich, Article Base, ArticleAlley, Amazines

Step 6 – Then it will automatically submit different versions of your article/blog posts to all the top blog sites, Hubs & Wikis! Some of these being Word Press, EasyJournal, BlogSpot, Zimbio, LiveJournal, WikiSpaces, Hubpages…

Step 7- It will automatically post links of your article/blogs to all major Micro Blogging & Social Networking sites such as Twitter, FriendFeed, LindedIn, and Facebook.

Step 8 – XGen SEO™ Social Marketing then automatically takes all the new postings and bookmarks them to major book-marking sites! These include Delicious, Digg, Backflip, LinkAgogo, A1-webmarks, Diigo, Mixx, OYAX.

Step 9 – It then gathers all the RSS feeds from the social sites you submitted content to and submits all those feeds to RSS directories such as: Blo.gs, Feedbase.net, Feedboy, Feeds4all, Azfeeds…automatically!

Step 10 – XGen SEO™ Social Marketing then automatically gathers all the links from the sites you posted content to and Pings them all using pinging sites such as: Blo.gs, Feedburner, Blogstree, Feedster!

You can run the above steps as many times as you like with a few clicks of buttons and this will explode back-links onto your websites. This is simply traffic building on pure steroids!

[GET] Instant Backlink Magic 2.1e

Instant Backlink Magic 2.1e
Product: Instant Backlink Magic 2.1e Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
Website: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/492780-1900-sold-under-80-left-push-button-fresh-google-pagerank-dofollow-edu-backinks-right-your-desktop.html

Price: $197

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Revealed: Within 8 Minutes I Had A List Of 119 PR 1-9 EDU And Relevant Blogs Without Any Comments Ready To Be My Backlink!
One Button to UNLIMITED
PR 1+ Dofollow and EDU Backlinks
That Will BLAST Your Website Rankings in 7 Days
Let’s be honest… Submitting articles, setting up profiles and creating those Web 2 links for backlinks… Just plain SUCKS! I’m too old for this. But what If I Said… There is a solution?

Fresh Relevant-To-Niche Backlinks – Relevant Links is the NEW SEO… Let Instant Backlink Magic Do All The Work By Finding Those Google-Loveable Links Ready To Squeeze Your Site Up In The Google Index.

Push Button For Permanent 1-7 PR Links – Links Found By Instant Backlink Magic Ranges From 1-7 In PR Which Are Ready To Leave A Backlink To Your Site And Increasing Your Site PR and Rankings.

Choose Between 5 Search Modes – You Want Fresh EDU or GOV Backlinks? Check! You only want Dofollow Backlinks? Check! You Can Choose By 5 Search Modes!

%100 White-hat – Whatever Color Your Hat Has, Backlinks Found BY IBM Are %100 Google-Approved.

Links Generated By IBM Is %350 More Effective – Discover Why The Links Generated By Instant Backlink Magic is %350 More Effective In Increasing Your Site Ranking Than Other Link Building Strategies.

7 Days Ranking Strategy Report – Get Your Site Ranking In 7 Days Or Less, And How To Effectively Maintain Your Backlink Campaigns.

Optimize Your Comments For Keywords – One Petty Secret That Less Than %97 Of the “Gurus” Know About That Will Increase Your Selected Keyword Rank Overnight!

Ping Your Backlinks for Massive Growth – Learn Where I Ping My Backlinks and How To Do It Correctly For Lighting Fast Index Of Your Backlinks.

Outsource Magic – I Will Show You How I Got Clients Paying Me $149 P/Month For 30 Minutes Work, And How I Later Outsourced The Work For Peanuts!

[GET] PR Plunder 3

PR Plunder 3
Sale Page: http://prplunder.com/

Product Price: $7

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So, what we know is, Tumblr is magic for PR. So we’ll cut to the chase, we’re looking for “dropped” accounts. We need to scrape using scrapebox or Hrefer to find tumblr subdomains. Then we ping them, many will be dead or 404 errors.
Next we check the PR of the “dead” tumblr subdomains. If they are dead AND they have PR then go and register that name. I got 5 PR 3 subdomains for free in 20 minutes using this technique.

[GET] Bookmarking Demon

Bookmarking Demon
Sale Page: http://bookmarkingdemon.com/

Product Price: $147

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Benefits Of Social Bookmarking

More Targeted Traffic

Since your bookmarks are categorized into different TAGS, you will get very targeted traffic from people searching within a particular TAG. They will click on your bookmark link and visit your site. Your tags will rank well in the search engines due to the authority these sites have.

Faster Search Engine Indexing

Most of these Social Bookmarking sites are authoritative sites. The search engine spiders visit these sites so often that your links will be crawled almost immediately!

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Getting one-way incoming links is the main factor to higher search engine ranking. With Social Bookmarking, you can get unlimited ‘keyword’ links to your site. Having more keyword links that are relevant to your site will result in higher ranking.

Better PageRank

Having high PR Social Bookmarking sites linked to your site will improve your site’s PR. With a higher PR, you can link to your new/existing sites and improve their ranking too! You can even monetize on it by selling links from your site!