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[GET] MachForm Version 2.4 (NULLED)

MachForm Version 2.4 (NULLED)
Sale Page: http://www.appnitro.com/

Product Price: $39

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MachForm is an intuitive, browser based, self-hosted HTML form builder program. Designed as a modern HTML form builder, it makes use of the latest web technologies like AJAX, CSS, and javascript to provide a fluid browser based experience.

[GET] Answereye Ultimate 5.4

Answereye Ultimate 5.4
Sale Page: http://www.blackhatautomation.com/answereye/

Product Price: $69

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Answereye Lite Version:

Auto-Yahoo account register function, this allows you to register many accounts easily and in short time – Auto Captcha Input.
Very easy to manage multi-accounts to answer questions randomly.
Search old questions and answer them automatically with one click.
Use eyes to get new questions and answer them automaically with one click.
Preset and save any amount of answers for every eye, so that you can use these answers easily when you post answers manually. And the program can use preset answers to answer questions automatically.
Support to use variations to make your answers easily diversified.
Proxy Support.

Answereye Professional Version:

Contains all functions in the lite version
Check the points for every acccount automatically.
Very easy to post a yourself question. The program can use different accounts to answer the question with your answer, then automatically select your answer as the best answer.
The ability to answer over 1000 questions automatically per day.
Help you make from $10 to $200 per day,or even $300 to $6000 per month!

[GET] WS Sales Letter 1.1.7

WS Sales Letter 1.1.7
Sale Page: http://wpsalesletter.com/

Product Price: $97

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Easy To Use Interface Makes Everything Simple

See for yourself how easy it is to use. Click on a few sample images of our interface. Everything is laid out in a simple easy to understand format, so that anyone no matter what their level of technical expertise, can still create amazing sales letters with ease.

The Big Question Is… What Makes Us Different?

The biggest advantage WP Sales Letter has over the other solutions on the market, is the fact that we are a “PLUGIN” as opposed to a theme. WordPress Sales letter themes are great. In fact, I’ve even created one myself. The problem is when using a sales letter theme you have to change over your website to a whole new look and feel just to write a sales letter. Think about it for a moment. After all the hard work you’ve put into customizing your WordPress theme, now someone wants to make you change it.

As I said, WP Sales Letter is a WordPress plugin. Simply install it like any other plugin and in seconds you are ready to start. We use your current header and footer and insert your new sales letter between them.

Another major point is the fact that we are separate from your “pages”. Meaning, WP Sales Letters “ARE NOT” added to your page functionality. Each WP Sales Letter has it’s own settings within each sales letter page. You can easily Create, Manage and Edit your sales letters all from its own settings. So don’t worry about being confused, just click on the WP Sales Letter Menu and do what you want to do. We make it easy for you to use our amazing system.

–Key features–

Simply install just like any other WordPress plugin. Once it’s activated, just click on WPSalesLetter in the admin menu and start your sales letter.

When use WPSalesLetters, you can create an unlimited number of sales letters for your products and services. All managed with an easy to use interface.


We have included a built in video player for your sales letter video. Simply enter the URL of your video and we take care of the rest. It just doesn’t get any easier.


One of the great features we’ve added is a testimonial audio player. Enter the URL of your testimonial mp3 and instantly you’ll have an audio player along with all your testimonials.

[GET] WP AutoPrice

WP AutoPrice
Sale Page: http://www.wpautoprice.com/

Product Price: $97

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The only Price Comparison Table That Auto Updates!
With WP AutoPrice , you get an wordpress price comparison table that auto updates the prices from what ever site you need. eg It will attach any price of any product from amazon or any store and every time that the price of that product is changed the table will auto update the price!
Add as many price comparison tables as you like.
You can build a wordpress site with many products and have a price comparison table for each product – It will save you a lot work! And Help you earn a lot of money!
WP AutoPrice can be customized for your needs!
You decide the width, height, colors and font’s – and you can even make separate table themes – so you can use different table themes on different post’s and pages.

[GET] WP Cash Plus 2.0

WP Cash Plus 2.0
Sale Page: http://wpcashplus.com/

Product Price: $9.95

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“ Simply Brilliant! The WordPress Plugin for OPTIMIZING your Split Testing campaigns “

Same Site – More Sales

You can generate more sales with your current traffic without spending more on ads and marketing campaigns. Just install the plugin, provide some variations for your copy and buttons and you’ll start seeing improved results in only a few days!

Split Testing for WordPress

Split testing is the best way to boost your sales and conversion rates keeping your traffic and costs unchanged. Now you can split test every word and every button on your site, with automated optimization. WP Cash+ takes care of everything from display code to data analysis and result implementation.

No Technical Skills Required

You don’t need any technical skills! The plugin comes with a user friendly interface and easy to use shortcodes. If you know how to write a blog post in WordPress, you’ll be able to use WP Cash+

Sit Back and Relax

You can literally forget about the site once you install the plugin and set everything up! Sales will continue to grow with continued automatic optimization. WP Cash+ is a set and forget system designed to free up your time and help you earn more with less effort.

[GET] XFileSharing Pro 1.8

XFileSharing Pro 1.8
Sale Page: http://sibsoft.net/xfilesharing.html

Product Price: $120

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XFileSharing Pro is advanced, professional solution for file sharing services. Over 500 of our clients are currently using this file sharing platform. They all agree that XFileSharing Pro is the best file sharing script available on the Internet today.

XFileSharing Pro can be installed on virtual, shared, or dedicated Linux hosting environments. XFileSharing Pro is fully customizable to blend perfectly with your site with minimal HTML coding experience. You can utilize this powerful script to place banners, Adsense, or other advertising links on your website. XFileSharing Pro is a very fast way to get your website monetized.

With XFileSharing’s upload system you can upload multiple files simultaneously. You get a visual representation of files that have been loaded, as well as what is currently uploading. Password authentication allows your users to protect all of their sensitive upload data. Users can send links to recently uploaded files to their friends or themselves.

Large files, upward of 2GB, are no problem for XFileSharing Pro. There are no dropped upload connections when you are in the middle of file transfers. The use of dynamic symlink generation mechanisms for each downloadable file keeps servers from getting bogged down during heavy processing times…!

[GET] Google Adsense Accelerator

Google Adsense Accelerator
Sale Page: http://googleadsenseaccelerator.com

Product Price: $97

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Think Adsense is Dead?

Think Again…!

Google “Adsense for Search” is one of the three major Adsense offerings from Google.

You can use “Adsense for Search” to provide Google-powered customized searches to your incoming traffic.

Wouldn’t be cool if someone created a plugin to do this for you?

Well someone has…

This Plugin Will Give You:

Extra Traffic

More Revenue

More Repeat Visitors

When it comes to earning commissions with Adsense, Google’s “Adsense for Search” is one of the best kept secrets on the internet. Last year, Google published the percentage of Adsense earnings that are distributed to the content publishers (this is you), and here are the numbers:

Content Publishers Earn:

68% on Google Adsense for Content

51% on Google Adsense for Search

Not surprisingly, Google won’t tell you that for the same number of clicks, Google’s “Adsense for Search” will pay you a lot more.

Google will leave you little tips in your Adsense Back Office, letting you know that you’re missing out on potential commissions… But they don’t tell you how much.

They even suggest you add more advertising on certain websites with messages like:

“You’re missing 34 opportunities to earn more!”


“Place 3 ads on all of your pages”

What they don’t tell you is this.

Google reserves the best-paying advertisements for THEMSELVES. I’m talking about the Google Search Engine (this way, they get 100% of the advertiser expenditure).

That said, it’s up to you, the advertiser to think outside the box.