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[GET] Link Thunder

Link Thunder
Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/400387-link-thunder-get-thousands-backlinks-button-push.html

Product Price: $147+

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Do You Want To Refresh Google’s First Page And See Your OWN Articles & Blog Posts Ranked High?

… Could Your SEO Business Use MORE Backlinks?

Here’s the thing … I’m sure by now you’ve read a couple of SEO guides. Doing things by hand will even make things worse. A lot of your time can be wasted, especially if you don’t get the results you’re looking for.

The best SEO education you can find is just a couple of keystrokes away. All you have to do is look at high traffic searches in competitive niches like “acai berry”, “lose weight fast”, ”reverse phone lookup”, “get ex back”, “forex software” …

Take a second to have a good look at the top results and their backlinks. Most results are there not because they have the best, most useful content. It’s their tens of thousands of backlinks and you can be sure they are not handmade.

A lot of SEO “theories” make it more complicated than it really is. Have a decent piece of content posted and have a large number of backlinks from different established sources pointing to you. The backlinks you get must have the keywords you target as anchor text -> this will tell the search engines your article must be important if someone’s looking for your keywords.

Diversity and volume of backlinks are the new/old king and queen of SEO. Most profitable niches are dominated by a handful of hardcore SEOers using automation. It’s a fact. Would you like to break through?

[GET] BacklinkSpeed 2.4

BacklinkSpeed 2.4
Sale Page: http://www.dummysoftware.com/backlinkspeed.html

Product Price: $97

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BacklinkSpeed is the easiest way to submit your web site to over 3,150 backlink sites and directories, instantly giving a jumpstart to your traffic and immediate visibility to the search engines.

BacklinkSpeed submits directly to a large variety of domain, whois, and DNS statistic web sites. These backlink sites are highly visible to the major search engines and will quickly spider, aggregate, and link to your web site, many within the same day of submission. Since these domain statistic web sites are frequently visited by the major search engines, you gain instant visibility to search engine robots, instant boosting of web site backlinks, and ultimately, increased traffic to your web site.

Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7.

[GET] Backlinktopia Pro 3.3.20

BackinkTOPIA Pro 3.3.20
Sale Page: http://www.backlinktopia.com/

Product Price:$47

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Here’s what’s possible when you get your hands on it today…

Step by step video training to show you how it works… I’ll walk you through the exact steps to get this state of the art tool to automatically build you backlinks on complete autopilot…
“ Ready made” package of articles you can use to instantly transform into PDF’s… ready to upload onto high traffic and PR document sharing sites to give you a fast and consistent boost in rankings (and profit)…
“ Train” Backlinktopia to go out and build a link for you from every second to every few days… you have FULL control over how many links you want to build and when… you won’t get “slapped” for having too many go up at the same time (unlike many spammer softwares out there that “shotgun” everything in sight and get banned)…
Personal support system… this isn’t a “hit and run” strategy like many people push online. I’ll be here every step of the way to ensure you’re using Backlinktopia correctly, so if you ever get stuck or need help, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do.
FREE upgrades for version 1 software… my team and I are constantly improving the software – so as we build up the feature base, you get full and complete access to them for a FRACTION of what others will be paying in the future…
Run multiple projects at the same time… if you have several websites, you can quickly configure Backlinktopia to work on them at the same time (rather than having to repeat the process over and over for different sites)…
Specify a single anchor text or multiples. .. simply plug in your keywords, and let Backlinktopia do all the hard, tedious work for you… you’ll start seeing results within just DAYS of using it!
Unlike “spammer” software that internet marketers use, Backlinktopia is 100% ethical and even beneficial to the World Wide Web… you’re simply using a unique traffic source to distribute your content!

[GET] PR Plunder 3

PR Plunder 3
Sale Page: http://prplunder.com/

Product Price: $7

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So, what we know is, Tumblr is magic for PR. So we’ll cut to the chase, we’re looking for “dropped” accounts. We need to scrape using scrapebox or Hrefer to find tumblr subdomains. Then we ping them, many will be dead or 404 errors.
Next we check the PR of the “dead” tumblr subdomains. If they are dead AND they have PR then go and register that name. I got 5 PR 3 subdomains for free in 20 minutes using this technique.

[GET] AAC Trackback Submitter 6

AAC Trackback Submitter 6
Sale Page: http://www.autoapproveclub.net/Trackback_Submitter.php

Product Price: $39/mo

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AAC_Trackback_SubmitterAAC Trackback Submitter Advantages:

Extreme high success rate through smart coding
Higher success rate than Scrapebox
All input fields are spinnable (Title, Excerpt, Anchor and Link)
Multi Url support
Single Mode
Uses low bandwidth
Proxy support
Proxy checker included

Why should you use Trackbacks?

Faster to send than comments
Higher autoapprove-rate
More often Dofollow than comments
Works on most closed comments
Very easy to send
Sending trackbacks uses lower Bandwidth than comments

[GET] Bookmarking Demon

Bookmarking Demon
Sale Page: http://bookmarkingdemon.com/

Product Price: $147

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Benefits Of Social Bookmarking

More Targeted Traffic

Since your bookmarks are categorized into different TAGS, you will get very targeted traffic from people searching within a particular TAG. They will click on your bookmark link and visit your site. Your tags will rank well in the search engines due to the authority these sites have.

Faster Search Engine Indexing

Most of these Social Bookmarking sites are authoritative sites. The search engine spiders visit these sites so often that your links will be crawled almost immediately!

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Getting one-way incoming links is the main factor to higher search engine ranking. With Social Bookmarking, you can get unlimited ‘keyword’ links to your site. Having more keyword links that are relevant to your site will result in higher ranking.

Better PageRank

Having high PR Social Bookmarking sites linked to your site will improve your site’s PR. With a higher PR, you can link to your new/existing sites and improve their ranking too! You can even monetize on it by selling links from your site!

[GET] Fast Blog Finder

Fast Blog Finder
Sale Page: http://www.fastblogfinder.com/

Product Price: $99

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Introducing G-Lock Blog Finder – it’s the most complete software solution guaranteed to locate the blogs you want, in any niche, fast. It helps SEO firms and individuals compile a list of blogs you can leave comments on and build a ton of backlinks instantly!

You cannot create a wonderful site and pray that visitors (and earnings) flow like water. How will people know about your site? The answer is quite simple:

You need links from themed [aka niche-related] websites!

A related link is worth more weight than links coming from a non-related site. There are several ways to create backlinks to your website: social bookmarking, pay per click, adding the website URL to web directories, submitting articles to article directories.

Another FREE way to get backlinks is commenting on blogs and including the URL of your site. All you need to do is to leave a comment on related blogs and include some anchored text linking back to your site. The other advantage is that some of the pages that you comment on have high PageRank!

With that said, we’ve come up with G-Lock Blog Finder, amazing piece of software which enables you to search and identify the blogs according to the keyword you enter with just a few mouse clicks.