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[GET] Social App Creator 2.2

Social App Creator 2.2
Sale Page: http://www.socialappcreator.com/

Product Price: $97

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How You Can Make Money Using Facebook App Creator.
1) Create apps for yourself, monetize them with ad banners. Even if you only managed to pull a few dollars per app, per month, you can create, build and install and unlimited number of apps using this software. And if you make an app that takes off virally you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.2) Sell pre-built apps to other marketers. There are loads of people out there who would love their own Facebook application and who don’t know about Facebook App Creator. Why not build apps, host them on some resellable web space, get some initial traffic to them and then sell them as off the shelf packages? You can sell these on “flipping websites”, eBay, Forums, etc.

3) Sell the apps with installation instructions. This is the really easy, hands-off approach to app selling. Sell the apps with instructions and let your customers self install. And here’s the good part – included with this wso is white-label/plr instructions on application installing. Either give your customer the supplied pdf file or edit the document version and make your own branded instructions.

4) Build ‘Coupon Code of the Day’ apps for local businesses and sell them to them. Their customers can visit the app each day and pick up the latest coupon code to get special offers in their store or web site.

5) Create your app and sell resell rights to it. The apps you make are yours and as such you can even sell resell rights to others.

6) Build a successful app and sell advertising on it. Why limit yourself to the revenues offered by social advertising companies? Build something successful and sell banner impressions.
How To Get Your Copy of Facebook App Creator…
Facebook App Creator is available as an instant download. This means within minutes of ordering you’ll be on your way to creating your first Facebook Application – even if you order at 2am!Here’s what you get…

The Social App Creator Software Licensed for One Computer (Requires Windows XP or better).
White Label Written Installation Instructions to supply with apps you sell. (PDF, Word and Open office formats included)
Video Tutorial that Shows you How to use Social App Creator and install the apps.
Lifetime Updates. If Facebook make changes to their system (which they often do) updates to reflect those changes will be made available as soon as is practically possible. You will get those updates at no extra charge.
The rights to sell the Apps you create with this software as your own. The only request we make is that you do not give them away for free (you may use them as bonuses for paid products) and you don’t sell them for less than $10 with personal rights and $20 with resell rights. Please note: These are minimums, keep in mind that I have successfully sold apps like these with no rights for between $30 and $70.
Money Back Guarantee – If this software isn’t every bit as good as I’ve told you it is just drop me an email and I’ll give you your money back – plain and simple, no fuss.

[GET] aMember Pro 5.1.3

aMember Pro 5.1.3
Sale Page: http://www.amember.com/p/

Product Price: $179,95

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aMember is a PHP script for membership and subscription websites. With the growth of membership sites on the Internet, it’s definitely a plus to have a trusted name like aMember helping to manage the ins and outs of it all. It allows you to setup paid membership areas and track members and their payments easily. It also allows you to link your database and other third party scripts with ease.

This script is easy to install and has you up and running quickly. It is very reliable and that’s a must for subscription type websites. Being able to track members and their payments is the most important aspect of your membership site. This software does it with ease and gives you piece of mind.

While setting up my site, I ran into a few snags along the way. The support has been great. I’m no expert the technical side of things, believe me, but aMember’s support system has always been there to help me through.

I like the automated sign ups and the fact I can send mail to new and old users alike. That is a plus in my book.

I also like the member login area. My members can login in easily to check their accounts, including payments and new products I offer. Each month I have new things coming out on top of their normal monthly subscription information so this makes it super easy for them to see what’s new while they are picking up their current month’s content.

[GET] LongTailPro Platinum 3.1.4

LongTailPro Platinum 3.1.4
Sale Page: http://www.longtailpro.com/

Product Price: $47+$17/mo

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Search Multiple Keywords at Once
Generate up to 800 results per seed keyword
Pre-filter keywords
Automatically find Domains
Google or Bing Title Competition
Competitor Analysis on top 10 Google Results
Check Rankings of sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing
Calculate Keyword Competitiveness

Save Favorite keywords
Import lists of keywords (up to 10,000 at once)

Auto-search and Track Rankings – coming soon!
Create custom calculations from keyword results – coming soon!

[GET] Gravity Forms 2.0.6

Gravity Forms 2.0.6 Download
Sale Page: http://www.gravityforms.com/

Product Price: $199

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Gravity Form is a complete contact form solution for WordPress. With Gravity Forms you can build complex, interactive contact forms in minutes with no programming experience. Contact forms WordPress just don’t get any easier than that. It is the best contact form plugin for WordPress.

Gravity Forms Focuses on Simplicity, Ease of Use and Smooth Integration with WordPress.

[GET] Ninja Pinner 2.2.0

Ninja Pinner 2.2.0
Sale Page: http://ninjapinner.com

Product Price: N/A

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The NinjaPinner robot handles all of the grunt work for you and SAVES you time! The proprietary software includes the following features:

Target your market based specific keyword.

Gather friend(s) id’s from comment threads, pin-boards, people or any other search area of Pinterest

Filter Pinterest users by follower / following count as well as by recent login activity

Auto Follow feature that allows you to mass follow other users fast, gaining you thousands of followers back

Auto Unfollow function that allows you to mass unfollow users that don’t follow you

Choose to exclude people you’ve followed ___ days ago so you can give Pinterest users time to respond before unfollowing them

Schedule your follows, unfollows, likes, repins, comments and invites to automatically be sent at a specified time and at specified intervals.

Auto Pin feature that allows you to mass re-pin other images on autopilot getting you exposure

Re-pin URL swap function allowing you to substitute YOUR links when you re-pin content

Auto Commenter feature that allows you to send out comments to all others users.

Auto Comment rotation which allows you to send comments from a list of different pre-written comments. Queue up as many variations as you like.

Import and export featured comments

The ability to use Spintax in comments and pin captions

Invite others to follow your boards

Auto like feature that allows you to mass like pins, boards, etc.

Create a “Black List” for ID’s you don’t want to send to.

Use unlimited Pinterest.com accounts (unlimited licence only)

When commenting, you can skip pins from any user you have already commented on in the last ___ days

When repinning you can change the caption of the pin, keep the current caption, or add to the current caption

Comes with a NinjaPinner News Bulletin to keep you up to date with the latest news.

Free product updates, support and technical assistance for LIFE.

[GET] Power Lead Snatcher

Power Lead Snatcher
Sale Page: http://powerleadsnatcher.com/

Product Price: $47

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“Power Lead Snatcher is an all new lead snatching tool designed to automate and streamline lead generations for you. If you are interested in saving a ton of time and money while generating unheard amounts of highly target leads, this tool is designed for you…!”