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[GET] Plus One Profits

Plus One Profits Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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Product Price: $37

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How Plus One Profits Work

Plus One Profits is a wordpress plugin that automatically puts a “google +1″ button on your page in under 27 seconds.It’s simple: go to any page or post in wordpress and you’ll be able to click the button that the green arrow is pointing to below…
Once you click that button then this light box will pop up…
If you do nothing but just click submit, it will put the standard +1 button on your page and any time someone clicks that button it will “plus one” the page you put it on!

It will show up on your page like this on your page…

If you want to fiddle with the options at all, you can actually enter a URL and when someone clicks the button, it will “+1″ whatever website URL you put in. You can also show how many people have “+1′d” your page and also you can redirect someone to a different page after they click the +1 button if you wish.

[GET] Ghost CPA

Ghost CPA
Product: Ghost CPA Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
Website: http://ghostcpa.com/

Price: $99.95/mo

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Increase CPA Conversions 1000 Percent!

iFraming is an easy way to skyrocket your CPA earnings. Use GhostCPA to create your own landing pages around existing CPA offers.
Everything You Need To iFrame & Capture Emails

Automatic iFrame Rotation (useful for spreading traffic across different networks)
Show pop-up message on form submission
Redirect to new URL on form submission (maybe even redirect to a second CPA offer to double your earnings)
Fake the referrer on any CPA offer to hide traffic sources
Blank the referrer on any CPA offer to hide traffic sources
Let the referrer show through
Manage iFrames by compare
Access to private GhostCPA owners forum where top Super Affiliates share tips, tricks, and methods you won’t find anywhere else
Capture visitor email addresses
Store CPA Network inofmration
Save CPA offer payout information
Automatic code generation (No coding knowledge needed)
Generate iframe code by campaign
Effortless iFraming
Easy iFrame Rotation (to rotate between offers)
Dedicated Ticket Support System

Stop wasting time trying to make money the hard way, start using GhostCPA to!

GhostCPA offers everything you need to iframe CPA offers, whether you are a complete newbie, or a super affiliate. GhostCPA allows you to do whatever you want with the referrer, effectively hiding your traffic sources from nosey affiliate networks.

A new feature added to GhostCPA is the ability to capture email addresses of your users at the same time you get the commission from them filling out your offer. They say an email address is worth around $30 per year, so even if you collected a measly 5,000 email address, you would net an extra $150,000 PER YEAR not counting your affiliate commissions!

GhostCPA also allows for iFrame rotation, a tool that allows you to split test different offers from different network. Everyone knows not all offers convert at the same rate, let GhostCPA help you find out which one will make the most money!

GhostCPA also will let you redirect a user to the URL of your choice when they submit your offer. You can forward them to any website of your choosing, or even a second CPA offer doubling your earnings!

[GET] WPMUDEV Cloner 1.6.2

WPMUDEV Cloner 1.6.2
Sales Page: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/cloner/

Value: $19/month

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“WPMUDEV Cloner – One-click site staging for testing, copying and moving sites in Multisite.

Move entire sites or select specific elements to replicate for behind-the-scenes design and development.

WPMUDEV Cloner will copy any WordPress site on your Multisite network and move it to any URL on the same network with a click.

Migrate, Stage, Backup…!”

[GET] Pretty Link Pro 1.6.7

Pretty Link Pro 1.6.7
Sales Page: https://prettylinkpro.com

Value: $97

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“Pretty Link Pro – The Ultimate Link Cloaking & Redirection Plugin for WordPress!

Pretty Link makes it easy to shorten links, cloak links, redirect links, automate how you share them… and much more!

Pretty Link Pro is a Plugin for WordPress that will enable you to shrink, cloak, track, organize, share and test all of your links on your own domain and server.

Pretty Link Pro is more than a mere Affiliate Link Cloaker or URL shortener — it will revolutionize how you approach your business by allowing you to automate repetitive tasks, optimize your site with testing, see the results of your campaigns immediately and virally spread your links—including all your Affiliate Links within minutes…!”

[GET] NEX Forms 4.1

NEX Forms 4.1
Sales Page: http://codecanyon.net/item/nexforms-the-ultimate-wordpress-form-builder/7103891

Value: $33

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“NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder!

List of Features:

– 50+ form elements
– Fully responsive forms
– Conditional logic/laws to hide and show fields
– Math Logic
– Drag and drop builder
– Form Grid layout system with unlimited nesting and width variation.
– On form submission email Auto-responder
– Live form previewer (includes switching devices)
– 1200+ Fonts available for forms
– 660+ Icons available for forms
– Multi-Step Forms
– Sticky slide in forms (top, right, bottom, left)
– Popup form from button or link
– Ajax powered forms
– Sidebar form widget
– Form validation
– Save forms as templates for re-use
– Built-in Anti-spam
– Overall Styling
– Custom CSS
– Add custom backgrounds to fields and form elements
– Tons of settings relative to form fields
– Form entry storage
– Form entry Export
– Form Duplication
– Duplicate form fields function
– Unlimited forms
– Hidden Fields
– Classic Form Fields
– Material Design Form Fields
– Bootstrap integrated form fields
– Bootstrap integrated web elements
– jQuery integrated form fields
– Redirect on submission
– Embed forms in posts, pages, widgets and theme template pages
– Send data to custom URL via POST or GET
– NO Programing skills required to create forms
– Easy to use admin panel (application feel)…!”

[GET] WP Views Plugin v1.9 by WP Types

WP Views Plugin v1.9 by WP Types

Views 1.9 aka Meina Gladstone
– Added a GUI for inserting Views shortcodes.

– Added a new custom edit page for Content Templates.

– Added class and style attributes to several shortcodes that output HTML tags.

– Added a new shortcode wpv-noautop to display pieces of content without paragraph formatting – included a Quicktag button for easy insertion.

– Added an Admin Bar entry to create and edit Content Template assignments.

– Added a new debug output to the wpv-if conditional shortcode.

– Improved the Loop Wizard functionality – added a way to set Views shortcodes attributes.

– Improved the Loop Wizard – added explanations about different Bootstrap options and their availability.

– Improved the Loop Wizard – made table sorting options easier to understand.

– Improved the combination of limit, offset and pagination settings on a View to avoid expensive auxiliar queries.

– Improved the output of custom CSS and JS for Views and Content Templates – HTML comments should make it easier to identify their source.

– Improved the frontend javascript that controls the pagination, the parametric search interaction and the table sorting.

– Improved the Views AJAX pagination when using a custom spinner – avoided enforcing fixed dimensions and improved the positioning of the spinner.

– Fixed the WordPress media shortcodes (audio, video, playlist) when used on Views with AJAX pagination or with parametric search with automatic results.

– Fixed lower-than comparison functions for date, custom field and usermeta field query filters – a previous security review broke them.

– Fixed the Views pagination spinner “No spinner” setting.

– Fixed the custom fields and usermeta query filters by a Types date field when setting a specific date – changes could not be saved.

– Fixed edit View links on Views widgets when using the Views Embedded plugin.

– Fixed bulk trashing of Content Templates.

– Fixed the query filter by specific users on a View listing users – the URL parameter mode was not being applied.

– Fixed the “Don’t include current page” setting on a View when it is used on a post displayed on an archive page.

– Fixed the API functions to display a View or return its results – avoided errors by checking that the requested item is a published View.

– Improved some shortcodes attributes, like the ones for wpv-post-taxonomy, wpv-post-featured-image and wpv-post-edit-link.

– Improved the compatibility with WPML by setting better translation settings to some private custom fields used to store Views settings.

– Improved the compatibility with WPML by adjusting AJAX pagination when adding language settings as URL parameters.

– Improved the compatibility with 4.2 related to loading spinners.

– Improved the compatibility with 4.2 related to the link Quicktag dialog.

– Improved the compatibility with RTL languages.

Views 1.8.1
– Fixed an inconsistency on query filters getting values from shortcode attributes – empty values should apply no filter.

– Fixed the export workflow – some setting were not exported.

– Fixed an issue about old Views which do not have a “view-query-mode” setting that can not be edited.



– Fixed a bug about removing inline Content Templates from a View.

– Fixed a bug about bulk trashing two or more CT when one of them has posts assigned – there was a PHP error for a $nonce variable not set.

– Fixed a bug on Views listing users and filtering by specific users set on a URL parameter.

– Fixed a bug about “lower than” options on the query filters by custom field, usermeta field and post date.


– Fixed the frameworks integration – frameworks using an option to store values were not registered correctly.

– Fixed an issue about Content Templates saved without slug.

– Fixed an issue that avoided changing the WordPress Archive assigned to an archive loop from the admin listing page.

– Adjusted the documentation links for the new date query filter and the frameworks integration functionality.

– Removed the “Add new” button and the “Trash” link from the Content Template edit page, to avoid inconsistencies.

– Improved the compatibility with Layouts related to archives pagination.

Sales Page:



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[GET] NinjaGram 2.4.6

NinjaGram 2.4.6
Sales Page: http://ninjapinner.com/ninjagram-instagram-bot/

Value: $$

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“NinjaGram the world’s #1 Instagram bot. This proprietary and versatile marketing software handles all of the repetitive grunt work, SAVES you large amounts of time, gets you thousands of followers, and helps you generate more profit from this wildly popular image sharing website!

Ninja Gram comes at the perfect time since Instagram now boasts over 200 million active users. Our marketing software includes the following comprehensive features:

– Target users/photos by keyword search, tag search, user’s followers, user’s friends, your feed, URL.
– Auto follow
– Auto unfollow (and you can exclude users you followed less than X days ago).
– Auto like (you can also monitor your feed or a tag search and like any new photos).
– SUPERLIKE! Like targeted users’ last 5 photos. Extremely effective method to gain more followers.
– Auto comment from a list of comments.
– Like a person’s most recent photo when following them.
– Time delay feature to keep your account safe.
– Blacklist
– Proxy support
– Import/export accounts from text file.
– Preview pics (can disable in settings). When following, commenting or liking the software now shows a small preview pic of the user/photo…!”