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[GET] Facebook Blaster Pro 11

Facebook Blaster Pro 11
Product: Facebook Blaster 11 Pro Unlimited Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
Website: facebookblaster.com

Price: $97

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FaceBook Blaster Pro is the internets # 1 Facebook friend adder marketing software tool. Internet marketers are experiencing a gold rush of web 3.0 FREE advertising to highly targeted leads on the fastest growing social network “Facebook”. Facebook Blaster Pro can run your marketing efforts on autopilot because automation is key to your success.
Fully Automatic Benefits:

Auto Mass Friend Requests
Auto Mass Friend Messages
Auto Mass Friend Wall Poster
Auto Mass Friend Poker
Auto Mass Amber Alerts
Auto Mass Captcha Bypass
Free Life Time Updates

Works on Windows Vista,XP,Win7

[GET] FB Like Viral 1.2.1

FB Like Viral
Product: FB Like Viral 1.2.1 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
Website: http://fblikeviral.com/

Price: $97

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Viral FB and +1 WordPress Plugin: Flood your Blog with an Avalanche of Viral Traffic From Facebook, Twitter and Google

The most advanced Viral Plugin Featuring
– Facebook Like,
– Facebook Share,
– Facebook Send,
– Twitter and
– Google +1

The idea that search engines and social media sites can drive massive amounts of traffic to your web site is nothing new. A tested way of tapping into those traffic sources is to use share and like buttons above and/or below your posts. There are several plugins around that let you ad a Facebook button or a Twitter button or a Google +1 button.

But if you just add one or more of these buttons to your posts and hope that the visitor is so kind as to click them you might be hoping in vain: Most visitors are too will not do it. They need some kind of gentle reminder and then they will share the love.

To remedy this plugins were developed that try to remind the visitors to please share the stuff on Facebook, Twitter or Google +1. These plugins display those buttons in some kind of pop-up, banner or modal window after a certain time of when the visitors scrolls down towards the bottom of the page.

If you wanted to have all the functionality you would need several plugins. This might create performance problems. The more plugins that you have installed that basically handle similar functions the slower your pages load. Slow load times are counterproductive as Google measures the load times and kicks you down to the bottom of the search results which will render all your efforts to increase traffic nil and void.

[GET] Movie Site Press 2.0

Movie Site Press
Product: Movie Site Press 2.0 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
Website: http://moviesitepress.com/

Price: $47

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The Theme Generates Traffic on Autopilot

If you still don’t realize the power of this script, please read again. Everybody uses twitter now. And MovieSitePress will generate traffic by itself through Twitter.
Automatic User Twittering

When people comment on your site, they tweet it automatically. The comments they make will be posted as tweets. Their followers will be able to see the link to your site. And when they started to reply to one another… Right! It will spread like wildfire.
It Makes Money!!!

Let’s face it. If you have traffic, there should be a way to make money out of it. That is why these themes were made – to entice your visitors and make money out of them.

You’re not literally taking money from them, but there are lots of affiliate networks that will pay you for this kind of traffic (included in the bonus guide). Plus with these beautiful designs, your conversion rate will be off the roof.

[GET] Digi Social Squeeze 1.1

Product: Digi Social Squeeze 1.1 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
Website: http://www.digisocialsqueeze.com/

Price: $97

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Revealed! The WordPress plugin that makes your list bigger, better and more responsive…
How you can use the same trick to make $400 offline for a few minutes’ work…
(and how this is all thanks to an offline guy named Bob)
Digi Social Squeeze lets you:

Stop losing money with sub-standard squeeze page templates: If you invest in this plugin, you shouldn’t need to invest more in a designer. Digi Social Squeeze comes prepackaged with 6 tested, professionally designed, high-converting squeeze page templates. It cost $850 to get these squeeze pages designed, but you get them built in to the plugin.
Set up a social squeeze page in minutes: The templates are ready and waiting… all you need to do is add the content. And even that’s been made as simple as possible with the 100% WYSIWYG editor… you just type, and let WordPress take care of the tech.
Build in the awesome power of one-click subscription to send your opt-in rates through the roof: When you’re making it this simple, your prospects won’t be able to resist opting in!
Make more money from your list… doing exactly what you’re doing now: This isn’t just any e-mail address… it’s the e-mail address your prospects regularly check for news and updates. That means more opens, more clicks and more sales.

Drag your prospects on to your list with killer videos: In a niche where video attracts opt-ins like moths to a flame? In that case you’ll want one of the 3 ready-made video squeeze-page templates… already proven high-conversion, in your hands they’ll be unstoppable!
Take care of all the legal headaches with a couple of clicks: You’ll need a privacy policy to integrate your squeeze page, but once again Digi Social Squeeze has your back. Just a couple of clicks will generate a page and template privacy policy… all you need to do is add your name.
Gain the trust of your prospects by hijacking Facebook’s credibility: Facebook is familiar and familiar means safe… and now you can take advantage! Break down the barriers to opting in using Facebook’s implied credibility, and watch your subscription rate soar.

So who is social squeezing good for?

Social squeezing can work for anyone trying to build a list, but it’s particularly good if you:

Are an internet entrepreneur: you get to contact your customers using the same address their friends and family use

Are an affiliate marketer: build better-converting lists to put more money in your pocket

Are an offline business (or sell to offline businesses): no more expensive direct mail… you’ll be able to send e-mails your prospects are guaranteed to look at

[GET] Interspire Email Marketer 6.1.5

Interspire Email Marketer 6.1.5
Website: http://www.interspire.com/emailmarketer/

Price: $495

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What is Interspire Email Marketer?

Our all-in-one email marketing software includes everything you need to create, send, track and profit from email marketing – but it doesn’t stop there. It also includes powerful tools to completely automate your follow up marketing and customer feedback loops too:

Follow up with prospects automatically using autoresponders. Send a series of personalized email messages to new leads at intervals you define. It’s like having your own dedicated sales team working for you around the clock.
Optimize your email click thru rates with split testing. Send a few variations of your email to a sample of your list and have the best performing one sent to the rest automatically.
Automate your list management with triggers. Automatically convert leads to opportunities when they open a specific email, remove inactive leads from your list or even send a follow up email when a particular link is clicked – automatically.
Keep your lists clean and up to date with automated bounce processing. Invalid email addresses can be removed from your list automatically based on “smart bounce rules”, helping keep your deliverability rate high.
See the complete activity of a lead with event logging. Every time a lead opens your email, clicks a link or performs any other activity, it’s logged against their history making it easy for you sales team to qualify their desire to purchase.
Solicit and track feedback with surveys. NEW! Using the drag & drop editor you can create customized surveys and feedback forms which you can link to from your email campaigns or autoresponders and then blast to your list in minutes.

More Features Than Any Other Email Marketing Software

Interspire’s email marketing software is fully featured and was built specifically to help automate your follow up marketing, giving your sales team more motivated leads in the process. It will turn more leads into buyers – we guarantee it, or your money back.

Completely browser based
No monthly or per email fees
Perpetual, lifetime license
No list size limits or fees
No “powered by” link in your emails
Runs on YOUR web server
Use your mail server or 3rd party
100% unencrypted PHP code
Private label in 5 minutes
Surveys and feedback forms NEW!
Dozens of built-in templates
Step-by-step campaign wizard
Custom fields for personalization
In-email dynamic content blocks NEW!
Unlimited autoresponders
Split test email campaigns
Powerful XML-based API
Powerful, automated triggers
Full campaign statistics
Google Analytics integration
Automated bounced email processing
Full WYSIWYG campaign editing
Per user email throttling
Easily import/export contacts
Pause and resume sending
Automatic event logging
Built-in CRM functionality
Google Calendar integration
RSS email campaign archive
User groups with permissions NEW!

Search Terms:

[GET] Instant Article Wizard 3.2.1

Instant Article Wizard 3.2.1
Website: http://www.instantarticlewizard.com/

Price: $77/yr

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Just look at what Instant Article Wizard can do!

Gather and disect THOUSANDS of pages of research on ANY topic you choose in SECONDS.
Break the research down into subtopics so you can break your content into relevant sections with ease.
Generate paragraphs of content based on the topics you choose with ease.
Rewrite the research using the integrated The Best Spinner thesaurus.
Verify the output articles are unique by checking them against Copyscape AND highlighting the parts of the article that Copyscape considers “duplicate”. (Requires a Copyscape Premium account — not included.)
Gather research from Google Web Results, Microsoft Word files, Adobe PDF files, content-rich articles, product reviews, Google Scholar, Google News and Google US Gov’t search.
Built-in support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (but it will work with virtually any language).
Get results from DOZENS of countries supported by Google.
Export to virtually any other spin format for compatibility with other systems.
Built-in Keyword Research from Google Trends and a Keyword Suggestion tool.
Saves you work in Projects so you can use the same research to write many articles.
Allows you to run many queries at once from any or all of the available sources.
Runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Instant Article Wizard Pro 2 is genuinely a great program and in fact, version 1 used to sell for $197 so the $7 30 day trial right now is amazing and as I said above, if you’re serious about article writing, then then monthly $27 will be nothing in compared to the sales you are going to generate with this product. I mean, article writing is hard work, and it takes a heck of a lot of time. Instant Article Wizard Pro 2 makes the task an incredibly easy and quick one which is going to fundamentally make a huge difference in the end result. The quality is incredible and the articles sound natural from the beginning with little modifications required to finish the article off. It is because of these reasons, that I have to give this program a 9/10. If you have not seen the demo videos yet, check them out now and see why I am so excited about this new program release by Jonathan Leger.

[GET] Captcha Sniper X4.5

Captcha Sniper X4.5
Website: http://captchasniper.com/

Price: $97

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Captcha sniper is a new stat of the art captcha bypass software that will allow you to solve captchas without having to spend any money on that.

Captcha Sniper intercepts calls made to the well know captcha solving service known as decaptcher via HTTP post (API implementation and different providers is coming quickly). Captcha Sniper solves the captcha for you and returns the answer to the software you are using and in addition to that it includes a command line feature.

Watch the video below to learn more about how captcha sniper works ! it is a review of one of the users of captcha sniper !

It works with all of these different programs with more being added all of the time.

Sick Submitter
Article Marketing Robot
Backlink Brigand
GSA website submitter
GSA auto soft submit
Zenno Poster
AutoPligg 6
Auto Website Submitter
Auto SoftSubmit
Sliq Tools