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[GET] WP Bottom Redirect

WP Bottom Redirect
Official Sales Page: http://wpbottomredirect.com

Value: $$

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“WP Bottom Redirect is simple WordPress plugin that allows you to catch all of your visitors below and after the fold and turn them into CASH…!”

[GET] WP Amazing

WP Amazing

Value: $17

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“WP Amazing – New Software Make Money on Autopilot…!

This is what WP Amazing software can do for you:

– Create money making “Virtual Stores” that will make you anywhere between $30 to $500 per month on complete

– Create as many optimized and monetized stores as you want in less than 10 minutes and with only a few clicks of your

– Create backlinks to your Virtual Store 100% automatically day in and day out, how cool is that?

– Make your Virtual Store rank in the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing in the first 30 days and not only for 1 keyword,
but for hundreds of targeted keywords

– Flood your Virtual Stores with thousands of targeted visitors almost desperate to give you their money, 24hs per day, 365 days per year 100% automatically…!”

[GET] Social Post Press

Social Post Press
Official Sales Page: http://socialpostpress.com

Value: $297

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“Social Post Press – The revolutionary list building WP plugin allows you to collect emails and promote products right inside the Facebook Newsfeed…!

To use social media tools to update your Facebook Newsfeed, all you need to do is to install the Social Post Press plugin and let it work automatically for you.

You can also create professionally-made messages and post it on your Facebook Newsfeed to let your clients and readers know what you have in store for them and grap email from that.

By getting the attention of your client, you can improve your site’s traffic which can then be translated in high sales for your site.

By using this social media marketing tool properly, you will be able to get the right amount of opt-in that you need for your site all the time…!”

[GET] Domain Security Pro

Domain Security Pro
Official Sales Page: http://www.domainsecuritypro.com

Value: $37

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“New Software Manages & Secures All of Your Domains (and WordPress Sites) With Just 1 Click!

What Does Domain Security Pro Do?

– Domain Security Pro is a desktop application available for both PC and Mac that protects any Domain URL Directory, including WordPress admin directory, against malicious hackers, bruteforce spam attacks, and any ill willed person against your site or online business.
– Domain Security Pro is easy to use for first-time users and offers many features for power users, including Bulk Processing Support, Import FTP Client Supports, HotLink Protection Settings, and more.
– It sets .htaccess authentication password protections to your WP-Admin page URLs, V-Bulletin admin URL, or any URL you wish, thereby making the page inaccessible to everyone but your IP alone with its IP Lock Down function.
– Ability to change your wp-admin password with the click of one button.
– Sets Hotlink protection to your websites, so people can not embed your images and video files from your site.
– Ability to add any type of file extensions for Hotlink protection, with Redirect support.
– Protection against common database attacks and SQL injections
– Ability to do bulk processing. Example, with the click of 1 button, you can change all your wp-admin passwords to all of your blogs in seconds.
– Import/Export feature lets you import FTP login information from FileZilla FTP Client, so you can get set up in seconds.
– Clear and simple user interface easy to master for anyone or any task.
– Industry class encryption, the latest security updates, secure data at all times….!”

[GET] Azon Hunter

Azon Hunter
Official Sales Page: http://azonhunter.com

Value: $12.95

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“Here is exactly what Azon Hunter WP plugin can do for you:

– Azon Hunter plugin allows to monetize comments on your WP sites using the Amazon Associate Program. Links are shown at at the end of the top comments based on the user’s keyword choice.

– Azon Hunter also has a widget that stacks Amazon offers in a 3D carousel.

The ads rotate, creating an interesting way to engage your site visitors. Again, these ads are based on the keyword the user chooses.

You can place the 3D carousel anywhere they want within their content, using a simple shortcode.

– It also comes with a custom search bar that allows visitors to search for items they already want to buy.

The Stupidly Simple Amazon Plugin!

In order to create the best user experience the plugin is very simple to use and install. All you have to do is to put in your Amazon credentials. Then choose the keywords and that’s it…!”

[GET] Easy WP SEO 1.81

Easy WP SEO 1.81
Sale Page: http://easywpseoplugin.com/

Product Price: $37

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A new WordPress SEO plugin for on-page optimization, called Easy WP SEO, is now available, and it BLOWS AWAY every other similar plugin on the market. It’s an awesome plugin that I’m excited to share with you. It makes the task of preparing your content to get the most “Google love” a breeze!


That goes for ClickBump SEO!, WP SEO Beast, Measure My SEO, WP SEO Automation and BloggerHigh as well.

The Easy WP SEO plugin just flat out does a better job helping you optimize your WordPress site’s posts and pages for Google and the other search engines. WAY better!
That’s a Bold Claim!

Maybe, but it’s the truth, as you’ll soon see. But first things first.

My name is Bryan, and, perhaps like you, I make money promoting products online. Yes, this is an affiliate site. And, yes, I will make a commission if you purchase Easy WP SEO through my site. (You’ll get some nice bonuses as well!)

But I’m not singing the praises of this plugin just to make money. I’m doing it because I dig this it (one of my all-time best purchases ever – for real), and I’m PASSIONATE about it.

I know this plugin will genuinely help any WordPress user improve the ranking of their posts and pages.

I also know using any other on-page SEO plugin might actually HURT their rankings!

[GET] WP Turbo 1.3

WP Turbo 1.3
Website: http://wpturbo.com/

Price: $17

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WPTurbo is a new premium plugin for WordPress that allows you to create powerfull niche sites which create content, update themselves autonmatically and earn you income each month by various affiliate programs.

Advanced Template System
Each module has its own template that you can completely customise to suit your website.
Create Keyword Campaigns
Tailor the content to match your site’s niche through the use of keywords
Create RSS feed Campaigns
You can use any RSS feed to add content to your site
Create Category Based Campaigns
Add content from specifi Amazon, eBay and Oodle categories
20+ Modules Available
You can legally use content from over 20 sources, more being added all the time
Mix and Match Modules
You can mix together as many modules as you like for each post
Automatic Posting
Schedule when new posts are added automatically with WordPress or a CRON
Post as any User
Choose which user on your site, the auto posts are posted under
Automatically Tag Posts
WPTurbo will automatically determine tags and add them to the posts for search engine benefits
Filtering System
You can filter out specific words to better tailor the content for your niche
Multiple Income Sources
Add in your affiliate details and you can earn income from over 5 different sources
Affiliate Link Cloaking
Cloak your affiliate links so search engines and site visitors cant tell they are affiliated
Advanced Event Logging
Advanced event logging system so you can see clearly what has been posted and any problems
WordPress 3.1+ Compatible
Compatible with the latest version of WordPress 3.1+
Uses “Featured Images” for advanced themes
The WordPress post thumbnail or featured images is supported so you can use the latest themes
Free Support for One Year
Free support via our helpdesk for one year after purchase
Free Updates
Free updates to the plugin for one year after purchase
Instant Download after Payment
Receive your plugin download instantly after you pay, no annoying waiting
Use on unlimited Websites and sell them for profit
We have no restrictions on usage, pay once and use on as many websites as you own